With this warm weather upon us, ice cream season is in full swing. There are so many great places in Ottawa where you can get a refreshing ice cream to completely cool off. Whether you like soft serve or popsicles, the list of amazing places to get ice cream at could seriously go on.  

Sure grabbing a classic cone of ice cream is great, but sometimes you may want to switch things up and try something new. This spot in Ottawa has got your back when it comes to trying something completely unique. You will get to try a truly unique food trend at this Ottawa cafe. Everyone loves a good watermelon on a humid summer day, but imagine ice cream AND watermelon (a dream). 

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Little Jo Berry's is coming through once again this summer by serving up these watermelon ice creams. The ice cream is 100% vegan and will have you feeling summer vibes as soon have your first taste. Last summer Little Jo Berry's treated us all to these creations for a few days and we are all so lucky that they're doing it once again. 

Ice cream served in a watermelon is a food trend that became popular a few years ago. Dominique Ansel is the genius behind the glorious combination. This isn't his first time combining two amazing foods, Ansel is also responsible for creating the cronut (croissant-doughnut). So you already know the watermelon ice cream trend will last!

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The watermelon soft serve is available this afternoon and for the weekend. Just like last summer, Little Jo Berry's didn't officially announce that they will sell this all year round, so give them a call before heading there to check if it's available. 

Little Jo Berry's is located at 1303 Wellington Street West. Be sure to visit them this weekend to try this marvellous creation. For more information on this, all vegan cafe visit their website here

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