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Here's How You Can Meet Hilarious YouTuber Elle Mills In Ottawa

Youtube is a place we all go if we're looking for a solid laugh. From funny videos to crazy vlogs to artsy movies, Youtube honestly has it all. If you love Youtube then you have most likely heard of Elle Mills. She makes the most hilarious videos ever and the best part is, she's from Ottawa! Her videos are all super relatable and are incredibly creative. She was recently featured in a video with Casey Neistat. Casey also recommended her videos to the Head of YouTube Business in one of his recent videos. Elle has 1.13 million subscribers and her channel continues to grow.

Elle is 19 years old and began making videos 3 years ago and her channel has grown ever since. Her ability to tell stories is incredible. She doesn't only create basic content, she uses unique ways of fully telling a story. Elle is also very truthful and vulnerable with her audience, making each video genuine and real. She combines her honesty with humor resulting in videos that are all golden.  

Elle Mills is officially going on her first national tour this spring. She announced the tour in her latest video, in complete Elle fashion she trapped her mom and brother in an escape room that she built. She won't be touring alone, her mom, Janette, and brother, Jay, will come along with her too. If you love her hilarious videos I'm sure you will love her show. The show is between 20 to 30 minutes leaving a ton of time for Elle to meet with everyone who comes to the show. 

The best part is, everyone that buys a ticket will also get to meet Elle! A general admission ticket comes with a meet and greet after the show, an autograph, entry to the show, and of course a photo. This is seriously something that cant be missed. Bless Elle for making these ticket prices pretty reasonable, a lot of the time meet and greets cost up to $200!

VIP tickets come with a little more goodies. The VIP admission package comes with a pre-show meet and greet, a picture, an autograph, a VIP laminate pass, a VIP poster, and early entrance into the venue. Prices for both the general admission and the VIP package vary depending on which show you're attending. 

She is traveling to 7 different venues in Canada and the shows officially begin next month. Her tour dates are: 

  • Vancouver: April 21st 
  • Edmonton: April 22nd 
  • Calgary: May 5th 
  • Winnipeg: May 6th 
  • Montreal: May 26th 
  • Toronto: May 27th 
  • Ottawa: June 2nd 

If you love Elle Mills' videos as much as we do, then you have to get your tickets before they all sell out. Check out Elle's youtube channel here. For more information on tickets and tour dates click here.

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