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Here's What You Can Do For A Day In Ottawa With Just $20

So you want to go out with your friends, but you also don't want to spend your entire pay cheque, I feel you. If you're trying to budget yourself and watch what you're spending then I am here to help you have a fun day even with just $20.

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You and your group of friends will feel awesome after a fun filled day that didn't require an outrageous amount of money! There are plenty of things to do in Ottawa if you're bored and broke, here is what you can do with just a $20 bill.

I've already added tax to everything and rounded up, so there are no tricks to this list.  If you bus, don't include the mini snack picnic and you're good to go with $6.50 for bus fairs. 

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Head to Metro on Rideau St. to buy some snacks for a picnic in the park 

Allowed to spend max $6.50. While at Metro you can grab your favourite chips, chocolates, or some fruits, perfect for a tiny picnic. Sorry people that bus, this can't be done for ya'll cause the bus costs more than it should.

via @jkconway14

Enjoy your snacks at Majors Hill Park 

Free. You and your friends can have a nice picnic at Majors Hill Park while soaking up the summer sun. Even if you bussed and didn't have money to grab snacks, you can still go to the park to play cards or just chill.


Stroll through the ByWard Market 

Free. While strolling you can look at all of the interesting things for sale. You may also find yourself a street performance which is always fun to watch.

via @lauwithlove

Visit Inspiration Village and take a photo in front of the OTTAWA sign

Free. There is always something happening at Inspiration Village, from performers to scavenger hunts you'll definitely find something fun to do.

via @himyka

Enjoy a delicious Margherita pizza at Fiazza Fresh Fired

$9. Who doesn't love pizza? I love Fiazza so much and their prices are pretty reasonable. They also have vegan options (but it costs $2 more).

via @tnnbln

Cross Alexandra Bridge and head to Gatineau

Free. This walk is so pretty and peaceful. It's the perfect way to get to your next free destination.

via @lauraconrod

Walk around and look at the stunning Mosai Canada 150 Horiculture Sculptures

Free. This place is absolutely amazing. Take so many cute AF Instas and enjoy all of the unique sculptures. Just a heads up that it closes at 7 so be sure to keep an eye on the time.

via @punkodelish

Walk back to Ottawa then watch the sunset at Nepean Point 

Free. Nepean Point is one of my favorite spots in Ottawa. It's an amazing place to chill TF out and just watch the sunset (over the castle on the hill).

via @fanaina

Head to The Cupcake Lounge in the market for cupcake or a popsicle 

$4.50 each. Enjoy a cupcake or a popsicle here, you won't regret it. The popsicles are super refreshing and the cupcakes are life.

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Walk to the Ottawa Locks and enjoy the stunning view

Free. As you walk to your next free event you can make a stop at the beautiful Ottawa Locks and catch a glimpse of the night lights reflecting off of the water.

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Walk to Parliament Hill and watch the light show

Free. The light show happens in July at 10:00 p.m., in August at 9:30 p.m., and in September at 9:00 p.m. It's completely free and worth watching at least once.

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