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The Highest Bungee Jump In Canada Is Just 15 Minutes From Ottawa And You Need To Experience It

At a daunting 200 metres, the Great Canadian Bungee's "The Rock" is higher than the Pyramids of Egypt and also the highest bungee jump in Canada. Located in Morrison's Quarry, just outside Wakefield, Quebec, you'll be jumping off an elevated white crane over a deep blue lagoon. That is, if you're brave enough.

via @lekup

The jump drops you into the lagoon where you'll be attached by the ankles or your waist. You'll never actually touch the water which itself is 160 feet deep -- almost the same height as the actual drop itself. However, if you do wish to dip in the water, this can be arranged by the jump master beforehand.

The Rock opened on Apr.22 this year and will be readily available throughout the summer until October. The price for the first solo jump comes at $121.77. If you're an absolute psychopath and want to do the same jump twice on the same day, it's $60.88.

Unfortunately you can't bring your GoPro with you on the crane, but the jump has packages that include a video. Spots are limited, but info on reservations can be found on their website here.

If you plan on being in Ottawa for the summer, what better way is there to celebrate our country's 150th birthday (in our capital) than by braving its highest bungee cord?

via @greatcanadianbungee

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