Calling all Harry Potter fans! If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a Hogwarts-inspired mansion, look no further. This huge house for sale near Ottawa has some serious wizarding vibes, but they’re served with a modern twist. All you need now is a broomstick and your owl!

If you’ve always wanted to move into Hogwarts, but that special letter never arrived on your 11th birthday, don’t worry. There’s a house for sale near Ottawa, and it’s the perfect place for a 21st-century witch or wizard.

The 'siriusly riddikulus' property is located two hours from downtown Ottawa, and has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

If you’ve got a Hippogriff to park outside, don’t worry. There’s 15,690 square feet of land to spare, so you can invite all magical creatures to stay outside.

Even better, the house is surrounded by its very own version of the Forbidden Forest. Sure, it’s not quite so dense or scary, but you might find a unicorn out there if you’re lucky!

The massive home has a huge wooden front door that just screams “mysterious and magical.”

If that wasn't enough, the mansion’s many stairs give off those moving staircase kind of vibes, and the bannister is carved with the faces of mythical and mystical creatures.

Inside the house, there’s an unusual room that is full of mirrors. While it’s not clear if all of these mirrors will tell you your heart’s deepest, most desperate desires, it’s a pretty cool design! 

Of course, there’s also an attic room. While it’s not quite a cupboard-under-the-stairs, this could be the perfect place to lock away your pesky nephew, especially if he’s been misbehaving at the zoo again recently.

There’s an attached heated garage outside, too. The listing doesn’t confirm whether flying cars are able to park inside, but we’re sure it will be just fine!

Despite all of the Hogwarts-vibes, this magical home is designed for the more modern witch or wizard. 

While the staircases and front doors are pretty rustic, the rest of the house is a contemporary oasis.

All of the mansion's bathrooms are newly designed, and they look like something from a Nordic spa! You won't catch Moaning Myrtle in here.

According to the listing, there’s also tons of potential here to build on the land, with the space to create up to 48 different rooms on the vacant lot.

For the wealthier witches and wizards among us, this could be perfect for all of your house elves!

A Mansion For The Modern Witch or Wizard

Price: $5,000,000 (Muggle money)

Address: Ville-Marie, Montréal, QC

Description: This is the perfect property for a 21st-century witch or wizard, who wants to live in relative luxury with all of their mystical creatures.

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