The severity of Ottawa's winters is no secret. But it's never too cold in the capital to enjoy everyone's favourite frozen treat. And we've got the scoop on some delicious festive flavours coming soon to the capital. If you’re looking for holiday ice cream, Ottawa has you covered.

The Merry Dairy in Ottawa is rolling out its holiday lineup starting this week, and honestly, our mouths are already watering. 

With nine flavours expected to be here by the weekend, it's going to be nearly impossible to decide which one to try first.

Do you go traditional with peppermint crackle, or switch it up with some enticing frozen rum and eggnog ice cream?

Other flavours coming soon include gingerbread, fresh ginger with candied ginger, white chocolate with raspberry and chocolate truffle, vegan peppermint crackle, vegan sugar plump fairy, cranberry orange sorbet, and frozen hot cocoa. Yum!

But the deliciousness doesn't stop there. To please your taste buds even further, why not grab a scoop or two in an amazing blue corn tortilla or red velvet cone? 

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to indulge yourself with festive ice cream flavours to turn this holiday into a holi-yay!

You can expect to see these incredible flavours popping up this week, with everything being released by the weekend, The Merry Dairy tells Narcity. 

So, if you need a little sugar boost to lift your Christmas spirit, this will likely do the trick.

You can rest easy knowing that all of the ice cream is fresh, sourced locally, and made from the dairy's very own recipes. According to the website, there are no nuts in their ice creams, either.

Of course, they offer a variety of other frozen treats as well. These include floats, soft serve, popsicles, ice cream sammys, and all of the toppings your heart can handle.

They even crush all of the peppermint crackle themselves at the dairy, you can seriously taste the love in this ice cream.

So, if you're looking for cute winter date ideas, or simply need something to do this weekend, why not bundle up and head over to The Merry Dairy.

As we know, it's never too cold for ice cream in Ottawa!

The Merry Dairy

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Ice cream, now in holiday flavours!

Address: 102 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can put yourself in a festive mood with some seriously delicious holiday-flavoured ice cream.