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Hydro Ottawa Is Looking For Your Opinion On The Services They Offer

You could win $500 by completing their survey.

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When it comes to adulting, everything from grocery lists to budget charts likely consumes a vast amount of your mental space. Seriously, though, that digital notepad is likely full of entries involving dollars and to-do lists for days. Well... maybe that’s just me, but needless to say adulting can be the most.

Thankfully, the fine folks at Hydro Ottawa want to make things just a little bit easier for us, ahem, adults. Here’s the scoop: Hydro Ottawa has created a survey, which should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete (depending on how much feedback you want to give) to get your input on choices that will affect everything from the service you receive to the price you pay. In fact, it’s all part of their 2021 to 2025 business plan!

What exactly does this business plan entail? Lots of different things, all of which will shape your connection with Hydro Ottawa!

Being aware of customers’ needs and preferences will help Hydro Ottawa align their plan with what you have shared to improve the way they do things which, in turn, will help you improve the way you do things, too! And check this out: Five years ago, the survey received a total 4,800 responses! Let’s top that number, shall we?

What’s cool is that Hydro Ottawa is offering participants a chance to win one of four $500 cash prizes just for filling out the survey! We repeat: You've got a chance to win $500 in cash! Umm, consider us ready-to-survey, please and thanks!

The survey is running until September 23, so you're going to want to check in on their link right here to make sure you'll get your voice heard AND the chance to nab a $500 cash prize! 

Oh, and this goes without saying, but you’ve gotta be a Hydro Ottawa customer to participate, of course.

To fill it out and be entered to win one of four $500 cash prizes, head to this link here, and check out their Facebook and Instagram for more information. Good luck!