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ICYMI - #SushiBurritos Are A Thing In Ottawa

The best of both worlds!

In case you missed it (or needed a reminder), Sushi Burritos are actually a thing in our city. 


Sushi Burritos, or Sushirittos, as Bento Sushi Ottawa calls them are the newest fusion food craze. Think of freshly made sushi with vegetables and/or seafood, chicken, or fish - except in a burrito sized roll, wrapped with sticky white rice. Amazing.

The best of both worlds? I think so.


While sushi burritos have been all the rage in bigger cities for a while now, this is the first time Ottawa gets to experience its fusion goodness. So be sure to take advantage of the opportunity for your next food adventure.


Check out the Bento Sushi Rideau location to pick one up today!

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