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Incredible Hike Near Ottawa Has A Daredevil Cliff Edge & Breathtaking Scenic Views

If you’ve been slacking with your Instagram posts recently, you don’t need to worry. This incredible hike near Ottawa will give all of your followers some serious adventure envy! The Eagle’s Nest Lookout is just an hour from the city, but there’s not a skyscraper in sight. While you’ll have to brave a seriously scary daredevil cliff edge, the views you’ll find below will take your breath away.

Now that spring is officially on the horizon, we can start thinking about our warm-weather bucket lists again. 

If you’ve been planning to add a local hike to your to-do list, this one is perfect for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

Located in Calabogie, at the Calabogie Peaks Resort, the Eagle's Nest Trail takes you up into the sky, so you can see gorgeous landscape for miles and miles around.

Walkers can choose between a hike of either 1.5km or 8km, both of which are described as easy on the Calabogie website.

Making your way up to the lookout point, you can enjoy scenic views of thousands of acres of beautiful Ontario wilderness.

However, it’s when you reach the top that you should prepare to be amazed. The Eagle's Nest peak has 360-degree panorama views of the natural paradise that's surrounding you.

According to Explore Magazine, the trail is considered to be a “treasure of the Ottawa Valley,” and its name comes from the eagle's eye view hikers can get of the surrounding landscape.

If you want to take the longest route, the hike takes a couple of hours, and it is 8km from start to finish.

However, if you’re a hiking newbie or you’re short on time, there’s a 1.5km version of the trail that goes past the Calabogie Peaks Resort car park.

The trail stops at the 120-metre high cliff edge. This is where you’ll find the best views, but you’ll also need to be extra cautious.

The Calabogie website warns visitors to be “very careful,” and advises people not to get too close to the edge of the cliff.

Like many of nature’s greatest wonders, this awesome hike is open to the public all year round. That said, it does become more difficult in the winter months, so be prepared if you’re looking for scenic, snowy views!

Eagle's Nest Lookout

Price: Free

Address: Directions

Why You Need To Go: You will find awe-inspiring 360-degree views from the top of this cliff.


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