One of Ottawa’s best Indian restaurants is getting all the love online this week, after they introduced a brand-new “BYO container” discount. The popular authentic Indian take-out is now offering 10% off to guests who bring their own reusable containers, and the whole deal was inspired by one of their very own customers!

Brampton Authentic Indian Food in Ottawa has recently launched their new BYO container deal, which gives their customers 10% off their order if they bring their own reusable containers for their take-out.

Rated as one of the “best and most flavourful” Indian restaurants in Ottawa, this authentic take-out has also scored a strong 4.3/5 on their Google reviews page.

The Indian take-out, which serves Ottawa, Nepean, Orleans, Kanata and Barrhaven, took to Facebook to explain why they’re introducing the new 10% off discount, and it was actually inspired by one of their own planet-loving customers.

The restaurant explained, “Yesterday a customer ordered over the phone … and asked us not to pack the order as she is bringing her own steel tiffin box … She came with a stainless steel tiffin box [and] her own reusable jute box to pack naan breads.”

They continued, “We were so happy to see the change and we gave her 10% discount right away for bringing her own containers. We encourage all customers to BYO containers for food and get 10% discount on the entire food order from us.”

Explaining why they’ve decided to implement this discount, the Indian take-out said, “Change is tough and hard but change has to start from somewhere, and we’ll take this initiative to start.”

Since sharing their new discount option, Brampton Authentic Indian Foods have been getting all the love on social media sites.

One Reddit-user responded to the discount by saying, "Holy sh*t that's awesome, they just gained two customers here!"

Another added, "And VERY nice people too. I’m very happy to see them doing this." 

A third wrote, "I freaking love this!"

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On Facebook, one of their followers responded to say, "This post is my introduction to your restaurant and, based on your initiative, we will be making an order!!! Thank you!"

Another said, "I'm totally going to be placing an order because you did this."

A third added, "Will definitely order the next Indian food takeout from you!"

According to their website, Brampton Fine Foods makes "a wide variety of fresh and healthy Indian foods and snacks, including tandoori chicken, paneer tikka, kebab, amritsari kulcha, Brampton foods specialties and much more." 

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