I've Been To 3 Different Psychics And Here's What Happened

You'll never believe it.
I've Been To 3 Different Psychics And Here's What Happened

I feel like seeing a psychic is more accepted these days. Since we have many on TV, such as The Hollywood Medium and The Long Island Medium, people are more curious to see if they're phoneys or if they'll guess their grandmas name correctly. For me, I've always believed in them. I'm a very spiritual person and I believe there is something bigger than us, and our loved ones never really leave our sides once they pass. How can you not be fascinated by a story where what the psychic said came true? 

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Whether you believe in mediums, clairvoyants, and/or psychics, there is something to be said about people having this gift. You can't tell someone they don't have a certain gift, but a lot of people don't believe in these because there are so many fakes out there who use their gift for money. I've had experience with one that I'll never forget, you'll see why. 

First Time

The first time I ever went to a psychic was in 2011. This woman was located about a half hour away from me, and I had heard such great things about her. My sister and I went together and we had a joined session, since we were both super nervous about it being our first time. This lady must have had 10 cats and a few dogs, and her house was kind of spooky. Not to give into the stereotype, but it was a little creepy!

First, she let us pick the tarot cards that spoke to us. We sat down on her small table, and she began. We have this recorded, and a few months back we listened to the session and realized so many things came true. At this time in our lives, my sister had just broken up with her then boyfriend and the psychic knew right off the bat. She also had asked my sister if she had a problem with her back hurting, and I kid you not, my sister had been complaining of backaches for months. The psychic told her to get a new mattress, and my sister took her advice and her back pain went away. 

Then she moved on to heavier stuff. I won't go into too much detail with this because it is a little more private, but she described the man I would marry and when I would meet him. Let's just say, the person she described was exactly the person I seriously dated for a while. Down to his siblings, the basis of our relationship, a couple of houses he was looking at and so much more. Even though it did not work out, I believe that's who she saw at that moment and I am amazed at that. 

Now, let's get into the unreal stuff. My grandma passed away when I was younger, and we had a special relationship. She wasn't the friendliest person ever, but to me she was and the psychic picked up on that. I asked her if she would talk to me and the psychic said she was holding up a rosary and had her head turned away, meaning she didn't believe in psychics so she wouldn't. She also had a little boy by her side. Guess what? My grandma was buried with her rosary, and that little boy is a baby she almost carried to full time, but unfortunately miscarried. So. Many. Goosebumps. 

And last but not least, I had asked about my grandpa who was not well at that time. He had Parkinsons and was in the hospital then, and I was curious to know what would happen with him. I asked her, and of course not giving me too much detail she explained she sees something happened to him around late September early October of that year. My grandpa passed away on September 26 that year. 

Safe to say, I believed in psychics more after that first time. She was absolutely amazing, and even though I can't speak for my sisters personal stories, hers were right on point as well. 

Second Time

The second time was over the phone. My first mistake. How can a psychic read your vibes through the phone? Well, she could, apparently. I was super excited about this one because it was after something crazy had happened in my life, and I wanted some closure. 

First, she asked my name and my birthday and then some other questions. I was skeptical and had a ton of questions, but she didn't let me ask one. Instead, she went on about my love situation and to be honest, she was bag on. How it started, how it ended, and what would happen. Now, the next part is where things took a turn for the weird. She started to tell me the reason it didn't work out was because someone had put a spell on both of us *rolls eyes* and she needed 1000 dollars to reverse the spell in order for it to work. While I kindly declined, she said if I don't my situation won't get better and if I don't have the 1000 dollars right now I could do payment plans. Uhm, I think I'm good. Did you want me to mail my soul to you as well? That was not happening. 

So while I'm still kind of iffy on this one, since she did get a lot right, it's gonna be a no from me. Please, do not pay 1000 dollars to someone you don't know who is probably just using your tone of voice to get information. 

Third Time

Third times a charm? Meh, not really. The first time was the charm for me and I should've stuck with just that. This psychic was one of the ones that people are skeptical of. First off, our entire session was her basically talking about her own experiences with the Law of Attraction. Which I love, but not when I'm paying you money to read my future okay?

Just to be clear, the psychics people are skeptical of are the super vague ones. "Do you have any trips planned? I see a trip in your future." "I see you meeting the one in about 6-9 months, but I tell all my clients to not pay attention to dates." Okay, sooo you don't see anything? She did tell me something that I agreed with at the time, she said the negative side of my life was heavier than the positive. Obviously. I had just gone through a breakup and I hated my life. I wonder if seeing her now being 20 times happier than I was then would help. Probably not. 

Honestly, I can hardly remember what happened with this one because it was so phoney. Everything she told me was so vague and basic, it could apply to everyone. She told me I was worried about work, when I wasn't at all. Then when I told her that she told me it was a mistake and she meant love. Clever! Basically, this one felt more like a therapist than a psychic. I felt nothing afterwards, and I definitely was not happy that I spent my money on that.  

So with all of that being said, I still do 100% believe in psychics, mediums and clairvoyants. But just like others, I am super skeptical of some as well. Having a great experience once, it's super easy for you to think all psychics are that spot on and accurate. Do not be fooled by those who give info to get more info out of you. Take your money and run!

I think in order to believe in these special kinds of people, you have to experience them for yourself. But just like I said, don't let one good experience form your opinion forever, and same with a bad experience. I've had a mix of both and I still think there is a reason these people are on the earth. They're here so we can get some peace of mind while others are just in it for the money. A couple tips: do your research, don't latch on to every word they say, and use it as a guide! Nothing more, nothing less. 

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