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You Can Get Colourful Candy Cane Bagels In Ottawa For Christmas

With gingerbread cream cheese!

Everyone is getting into the spirit of the holidays, and part of that is finding ways to make normal food just a little bit more festive. That includes Kettleman's Bagels which has introduced a new holiday treat that is kind of magical and very unconventional.

Right now, customers at the popular local spot can get their hands on a candy cane breakfast food at any of their three Ottawa locations

These holiday treats are adorned with green and red stripes and contain bits of minty fresh candy cane. Sure that sounds a bit weird, but it also sounds kind of interesting, doesn't it?

On top of candy can bagels, the restaurant also offers the perfect topping: gingerbread cream cheese. If you're not into gingerbread, you could go with Kettleman's classic chocolate cream cheese for a chocolatey, minty combination instead.

While the flavour combination of minty candy canes and toasty, chewy bagels seem like they would never go together, we have to give it up to bakery for trying something so outside the box.

They are even offering customers the chance to get a $20 credit on their app if they tag someone who has never tried one of their candy cane items on their Twitter page.

The first Kettleman's location opened in Ottawa in 1993, and it has continued to grow. On top of the three established Ottawa locations, they are also expanding into Montreal and Toronto. 

The beloved store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means that any time you feel the urge to get a candy cane bagel, you can head right on in and order one.

Of course, like any special holiday treat, these candy cane bagels won't be available forever. If you're seriously curious about trying one, you should definitely get on that before it's too late!

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