Ottawa's Pina Colada Soft Serve Bowl Will Give You One Last Taste Of Summer This Week

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Ottawa's Pina Colada Soft Serve Bowl Will Give You One Last Taste Of Summer This Week

Even though summer is quickly wrapping up, it isn't over yet! You can enjoy the last few days of warm weather by going out for ice cream with friends. One must-try treat is Little Jo Berry's Pina Colada soft serve bowl in Ottawa!

Little Jo Berry's in Ottawa is known for their incredible vegan desserts. All summer long, they've offered tons of delicious limited-edition treats like ice cream served on a slice of watermelon, a burger ice cream sandwich, and corn soft-serve! But their latest menu item will make you feel like you're sipping a cocktail on the beach.

One of the most iconic summer cocktails is a Pina Colada, which is a sweet and refreshing blend of coconut and pineapples. If you love Pina Coladas as much as we do, then you'll need to try this limited-edition ice cream dessert at Little Jo Berry's.

Just like everything else on the menu at Little Jo Berry's, this Instagrammable treat is 100 percent vegan! It's made with local Oat & Mill vegan soft serve.

So, what exactly is a Pina Colada soft serve bowl? It's made up of super creamy coconut-flavoured soft serve inside a juicy pineapple bowl, topped with toasted coconut and a cute cocktail umbrella!

If you want to enjoy one last taste of summer, make sure to head to Little Jo Berry's this week. The Pina Colada soft serve bowl is only available for a limited time, and it could sell out! You can try this yummy dessert for $7 plus tax.

What are you waiting for? Head to Little Jo Berry's today before this cocktail-flavoured ice cream is off the menu!

Little Jo Berry's Pina Colada Soft Serve Bowl

Price: $7 plus tax per bowl

Cuisine: Vegan

Address: Little Jo Berry's Bakery, 1303 Wellington St. W., Ottawa

Why you need to go: Enjoy one last taste of summer with this soft serve bowl that tastes like a Pina Colada!


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