A Lucky Canadian Has A Lottery Ticket Worth $15 Million In Their Pocket

No one won the second prize.
Lotto Max Winner Somewhere In Ontario Is Now $15 Million Richer

What if you were suddenly a millionaire and you didn't even know it? That's the case for one Lotto Max winner. The winning ticket was sold in Ontario and is worth $15 million.

The single lucky ticket was sold in Nepean, according to CTV News. The grand prize has yet to be claimed after the May 12 evening draw.

While one person can call themself a grand prize winner, there were no second-place runner-ups with six matching numbers plus the bonus, leaving the amount of $121,318.30 unclaimed.

However, plenty of people got to win something, as OLG counts 76,462 cash winners from the draw.

While no one got the second-largest payout, 32 people matched six numbers and won $3,791.20 each.

A total of 74 lucky players managed to hit five numbers plus the bonus on their tickets, netting them each a respectable $983.70

Those who didn't manage to get the bonus but still matched five numbers didn't do too badly either. A nice sum of $107.40 each was paid out to 1,581 people.

Finally, nearly 75,000 people got lucky enough to win cash prizes ranging from $20 to $48.40. 

On top of all that, 347,885 players won themselves a free ticket, so at least they can try for the big prize in the next draw. That takes place on May 15, with an estimated jackpot of $10 million.

While $15 million is definitely a comfortable pile of cash, it's not the largest Lotto Max prize that's been paid out this year. 

On three separate occasions, players managed to win the maximum $70 million jackpot amount.

The first was a Brampton man, who suddenly became a multi-millionaire back in January.

The second was won a month later by a 22-year-old grocery clerk in Quebec.

The third $70 million winning ticket, which CTV reported was still unclaimed as of May 5, was sold in the Chatham-Kent area of Ontario.

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