An ice castle seems to be every Canadians winter dream. Except, ironically, it's located in the United States.

Saranac Lake, which is a town in New York, holds a magical and wintery themed carnival every year and they have since 1898. This winter carnival includes activities that everyone will love and can enjoy, such as a self-guided ice castle tour, fireworks, parades, and snow sports. Saranac Lake is only a 3 hour drive from Ottawa, so you'll be able to make a fun day-trip this winter to enjoy all that the carnival has to offer!

This festival has been around for so long, and the weather conditions usually cooperate with the building of the ice castle. However, some years it needs to be torn down because the weather is too mild and the conditions are not ideal. This ice castle is built by a team that has engineering experience, and they use massive ice blocks to create the look of the castle.

The castle has ice sculptures inside and outside of the castle, so visitors can take the perfect picture with them. For Ottawa, this carnival is like a bigger Winterlude and you can actually feel what it's like to live inside an ice sculpture. Probably not very fun, honestly.

This is the perfect winter activity that will get you through those mid-winter blues. Saranac Lake Winter Carnival opens next year on February 3rd, 2017 and will run until the 12th. You won't want to miss this carnival, and an excuse to go on a road trip! For more information, visit Saranac Lake’s Winter Carnival website here.

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