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15 Things You've Been Doing Wrong This Year But Still Have Time To Fix

We're a month into 2017, and it already seems less crazy than 2016. Sorry, I vow to never bring up 2016 again.

By now, you've probably slaughtered your New Year's resolutions or you've completely given up. If it's the first option, that's amazing. Whether you've made it to the gym every single day or you've gone once, that's still improvement. We seem to get caught up in the term New Year's resolutions and think if we messed up, then we have to wait another year. That's not true at all, or else no one would be where they want to be.

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Instead of giving up on your New Year's resolutions, why not try something new? Why not make this whole year about you, in whatever way you want to. Emotionally, physically, mentally, it's yours to choose. If you're still a little confused on what I mean, replace the word selfish with self-love, and continue reading all the ways to make this your year.

1. Quit trying to please people.

All that does is bring you anxiety, since you know it's impossible to do so. Instead, try pleasing yourself and only yourself. You'll find yourself much happier.

2. Cut out all friendships that don't benefit you anymore.

Everyone has those friends that you see every once and a while, but you get nothing out of it. You grow apart, and that's completely okay. Keeping those people in your life is completely toxic to you, especially if they bring you down.

3. Find your passion.

Your passion can be anywhere from blogging to working out–whatever makes you happy, that's your passion. If you don't have one, then buy a ukulele off Amazon, go to a craft store and pick up paints and a canvas, or whatever you've wanted to do for a while but haven't.

4. Realize that self-love and happiness only comes from within.

If you spend your life trying to find that other person to make you happy, you'll just end up miserable. I promise that life becomes so much better once you realize you are the source of your happiness, and nothing else.

5. Stop saying yes to things you don't actually want to do.

Do you ever get asked out by someone, and you go because you feel bad and don't want to say no? You just end up miserable, and if you have a bad feeling about something, your intuition is always right. Only say yes to things you're excited about.

6. Have a date night with yourself once a week.

Take yourself out to the movies, grab dinner by yourself, walk around Indigo and read for hours. These are things that will make you fall in love with yourself, and you'll start to enjoy your own company so much.

7. Take good care of your body–it's the only place you have to live.

Do you pick up McDonald's on the way home from work or the gym because it's easy? That's not a good excuse. Easy is meal prepping every Sunday, so you don't have to resort to food that is handed to you through a window. Of course every once and a while fast food is completely fine, but nourish your body with real food and you'll feel amazing.

8. Take the leap, and do what scares you.

Does moving out scare you? Jumping out of a plane? Getting a tattoo? Doing all of these things are how you grow as a person. Whatever you're scared of, do it!

9. Delete social media apps off of your phone, or delete your account in general.

Disabling my Instagram was one of the best things I've done for myself. I was sick of comparing myself to people, and I don't miss it at all. It made my head so much clearer, and even though it was so difficult, I now take pictures to remember moments, and not for likes. If you find yourself reaching for your phone and scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter every 5 minutes of the day, I recommend taking a week break and seeing how you feel.

10. Take care of your mental health.

Do you ever feel like crying for 'no reason'? There is always a reason, but we always tend to push that reason aside until we blow up. That's not good for your mental health, and having someone to talk to is a great feeling. If you can confide in a friend, that's great, but even people who don't suffer from mental illness talk to a therapist. It doesn't make you weak, it actually helps you get strong. If you find yourself having a hard time dealing with situations in your life, a therapist is there to help you.

11. Read self help books.

Pretty basic, right? But with the amount of time we spend watching Netflix or scrolling through social media, we have time to pick up a book. There is a self help section at most bookstores, and even roaming through there will give you a lot of clarity on what you're going through. If you want an amazing read, I recommend You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. Life changing.

12. Make a vision board.

Or have a vision board party! A vision board, if you're not familiar, is something a lot of people do when they want to manifest something into their lives. Whether it's a new apartment, love, money, etc., you can post pictures on a board and hang it up where you see it every single day. Amazing things have come from just visualizing yourself in certain situations, and a vision board that is laid out with exactly what you want cannot hurt.

13. Stop comparing yourselves to friends, enemies, celebrities, etc.

Friends, enemies, and celebrities are all in the same category. Weird, because you would think that you wouldn't compare yourself to an enemy, but you're wrong. We actually do compare ourselves to people we don't get along with, because we make sure we're not at all like them. And we obsess over it. It's completely natural, but it's very unhealthy as well. Realize that you're super unique, and you're you for a reason.

14. Do something your future self will thank you for.

Have you been putting off getting a new job? Saving money? Applying for school? These things probably make you a little anxious, but that's normal. Big changes in life are terrifying, but we'll never grow if we don't take them. If your job makes you miserable, then you're not putting your best self out there. Stress leads to overall unhappiness, and you don't deserve that. So take the step, and see yourself take off! You'll thank yourself later.

15. And last but not least, ask yourself if it's a want or a need.

2017 should be the year of saving money. Since it's the year of you, you definitely won't want to end up going into 2018 with no savings or nothing to show for your hard work. Lately, I've been asking myself if what I want to buy is a want or a need and 95% of the time it's a want. I don't need it, and realistically it will contribute nothing to my life. So I close the browser, or put the top back on the rack. This saves you way more money than you can even imagine. Even a $5 drink at Starbucks every single day adds up. That's 150 bucks a month that could be used to go on a trip, or to move out, or to put into savings for your future. Really think about your purchases, and your bank account will be rising, not declining.

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