Canada is a beautiful place, and sometimes we forget that we're able to discover beautiful and unique places in our own country. Recently we published an article about 14 surreal places you can visit in Ontario and each of those places had distinct traits about them that made it hard to believe that they were so close to home. However, one that stood out was Sleeping Giant Provincial Park for it's Grand Canyon vibe.

Located on the tip of Sibley Peninsula, this park gives breathtaking views of Lake Superior which can be seen at the Top of the Giant Trail and Thunder Bay lookout. There are 80 km of hiking trails and you'll always be able to find wildlife roaming around the park. The turquoise water and stunning rock formations of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park will leave you wondering if you really are in Ontario.

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No matter where you are in Ontario, the drive here is absolutely worth it. There are so many activities to do at this park that you'll never want to leave. You can canoe, swim, fish, hike, bike, and you can even ski in the wintertime.

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