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This Map Will Take You On An Unreal Brewery Hop Across Ottawa

Let's be real, the older we get the more we don't enjoy the Ottawa bar scene. It seems to outgrow us every year, and we'd much rather drink a glass of wine or a pint at a low key bar without screaming in someones ear.

Catching up with friends over a beer sounds way better than a night out, and you'll be able to function the next day too. Well, kind of. If you decide to take this on all in one day, pace yourself please. Anyway. If you're getting bored or you're just over the bar scene, don't you worry. I've come up with a brewery hop that will take you to all the great breweries across Ottawa.

You'll be able to experience new flavourful beers, with the ones you love most. If you're having a great time and don't want to go home yet, pull out this map and be on your way! Enjoy, Ottawa!

Don't drink and drive! 

via @david_jans

1st Stop // Big Rig Kitchen and Brewery, 1980 Ogilvie Road

via @caraabobeara

2nd Stop // Bicycle Craft Brewery, 850 Industrial Avenue #12

via @yonghshin

3rd Stop // CRAFT Beer Market, 975 Bank Street

via @whathappensinottawa

4th Stop // Clocktower Brew Pub, 575 Bank Street

via @kent.evans

5th Stop // Waller St. Brewing, 14 Waller Street

via @lowertownottawa

6th Stop // Lowertown Brewery, 73 York Street

via @ottcraftbeerrun

7th Stop // Mill St. Brew Pub, 555 Wellington Street

via @thegoudalife

8th Stop // Tooth and Nail Brewing Company, 3 Irving Avenue

via @btpbrewing

9th Stop // Beyond the Pale Brewing Company, 5 Hamilton Avenue

via @kichesippibeer

10th Stop // Kichesippi Beer Co., 866 Campbell Avenue

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