A Canadian NHL Player Stopped A Thief In Vancouver By "Clotheslining" Him

His teammates even call him "Borocop".
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Mark Borowiecki's Vancouver Theft Stoppage Is Straight Out Of An Action Movie

Could we have a Canadian vigilante on our hands who's gaslighting as an NHL player? A player on one of Canada's NHL teams is looking like a bit of a superhero after he stopped a robbery. Mark Borowiecki's Vancouver theft stoppage is straight out of an action movie and getting the player lots of attention.

Borowiecki is a defenceman and alternate captain for the Ottawa Senators and while in Vancouver ahead of a game against the Canucks, he stopped a theft from happening on December 1.

At about 1:30 p.m. he saw someone break into a parked vehicle near Granville and West Cordova Streets in Vancouver’s Gastown and take a bag from the car.

According to TSN, the alleged thief took off on a bicycle with the stolen bag but Borowiecki stopped the man by "clotheslining" him.

Borowiecki then wrestled the man to the ground and took back the stolen bag. 

"Mark, acting like the defenceman he is, tracked down the thief and wrestled the bag away from him as the thief rode away," said Const. Aaron Roed with Vancouver police.

As people started to learn about what Borowiecki did, they took to Twitter to talk about just how amazing the Senators player is.

One person said, "Mark Borowiecki is one of the people in hockey you can confidently say is a great guy."

"I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 on Mark Borowiecki’s smooth transition from hockey to vigilante," another said.

Even the Senators' official Twitter account got in on the action by posting a video of Borowiecki's face superimposed onto Robocop's body while he stops a robbery in a convenience store.

After this, the Canadian should definitely be promoted to captain by the Senators and there should be a show made inspired by this about a hockey player who also fights crime in Canada.

Who wouldn't watch that?

Interestingly, Borowiecki is called "Borocop" by his teammates and he certainly lived up to that nickname. 

"[The nickname is] rightfully so for this situation. He stepped up and assisted the Vancouver police and was able to get the property back to its rightful owners," said Roed.

He met with Vancouver police on December 2 to return the stolen bag and he also had to give a statement to police about the theft. 

Police are asking anyone with information about what happened to contact the Vancouver Police Department non-emergency line.

According to News 1130, the suspect still hasn't been found.

The Senators are in Vancouver to play the canucks on December 3.  

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