Mel Gibson Has Been Spotted All Over Ottawa Since "Fatman" Filming Started (PHOTOS)

He's been spotted at a restaurant, at the gym and even at church.
Mel Gibson Has Been Spotted All Over Ottawa Since "Fatman" Filming Started (PHOTOS)

This Braveheart star may be spending the majority of his time in Canada embodying Santa Claus for his new film, but according to the Mel Gibson Ottawa sightings we've seen so far, the star loves to explore the city when he’s off the clock. According to Inside Ottawa Valley and Actra Ottawa, filming for Fatman started sometime in mid-January and will continue until March. During this time, Gibson hasn’t hesitated to step out and do some sight-seeing.

Confirmed shooting locations for the film include Mount Pakenham, Five Span Bridge, Almonte Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, and Pinehurst Manor. However, Gibson has yet to be photographed on set. 

Instead, he's been the subject of the camera for some Canadian fans while enjoying day-to-day activities. 

Santa may traditionally sport more of a round torso, however, the 64-year-old actor was first spotted on January 25 at a local Ottawa gym. 

A Twitter photo shows Gibson mid-workout at Movati in the west end. He's pictured in a blue t-shirt and shorts lifting weights.*

Being in a different country also isn’t stopping this A-lister from celebrating his faith. Churchgoer Amo George managed to snap a picture with Gibson outside of “the Lebanese Melkite Catholic Church in Ottawa” after a morning ceremony.

Exploring Ottawa cuisine can also be checked off this actors list. On January 30 he visited Ottawa restaurant Eighteen.

Chef Dave Godsoe managed to get a quick group selfie showing off Gibson's very Santa-like beard. He captioned his post, “It’s not everyday you have a legend like Mel Gibson eat at your restaurant!!!”

If you aren’t familiar with Gibson’s newest film, Fatman was announced by Deadline back in May 2019. It follows an unmotivated Santa Claus who gets targeted by a hitman hired by a very upset 12-year-old boy.

Santa is forced to confront his perspective of what matters in life while also suffering through the downfall of his company.

A release date for the film is yet to be announced, but in the meantime, we can hopefully look forward to more sightings of the actor while he's in town. 

*This article has been updated.