There are plenty of breathtaking spots only a short drive from Ottawa. While Montreal, Algonquin Provincial Park or Toronto might be the first destinations that come to mind, there are plenty of closer attractions.

Driving less than 2 hours from Ottawa you can find a plethora of gorgeous locations for you to explore. There is everything from fairytale worthy castles, impressive waterfalls, fields of sunflowers and even a fort where you can see a 19th-century cannon shot! The next time you have some free time, pack up the car and explore the surrounding area to behold some of these spectacular sights for yourself!

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Here are some breathtaking spots you can visit less than 2 hours from Ottawa:


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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Less than 2 hours from Ottawa, Mont Tremblant is the ideal place to head to for a weekend away. While this spot is famous for offering exceptional skiing in the winter, there is plenty to do no matter when you visit. Two not to be missed sights are from the top of Mont Tremblant where you can get a beautiful photo of the fall leaves, and of the charming, colourful ski village.

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Enjoy the gorgeous sights around Gananoque that borders northern New York. Here you can enjoy the sights by walking along the dock, but the best views are from the water. Sign up for one of the cruises of the 1000 Islands to pass by lighthouses, islands, mansions, and castles.

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Grand Falls

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Time From Ottawa: 50 minutes

Within the quaint town of Almonte, you can find the Grand Falls. You won't be able to miss the falls when walking along Mill Street as you'll be able to hear the rapids. The iconic falls are only a short drive from Ottawa, and well worth a visit.

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Foley Mountain

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Enjoy an epic view of Westport atop Foley Mountain. Follow the Blue Trail within Foley Mountain Conservation Area for the best view of Westport from the granite ridge that overlooks the city and Upper Rideau waterway.

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Eagle's Nest

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Local photographers love to feature Eagle's Nest at Calabogie Peaks Resort. From the lookout, you'll be able to enjoy a picturesque view of the pine forest. For a stunning self-portrait have a friend photograph you standing at Eagle's Nest enjoying the view.

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Wilson Carbide Mill

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Time From Ottawa: 25 minutes

Located in Gatineau Park, you can find the Wilson Carbide Mill. Built-in 1911 by Canadian inventor Thomas Wilson as an experimental facility, now the building is only ruins. To visit the ruins for yourself, follow the 3 km Wilson "Carbide" Mill Trail.

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Heart Island

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 50 minutes

Visit a spectacular castle located on Heart Island, just a short drive from Ottawa. Boldt Castle was privately built by American millionaire George Boldt on Heart Island. Today, it is a tourist attraction that you can visit by taking a boat cruise from May to October.

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Brockville Tunnel

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 15 minutes

If you haven't already, you need to visit the Brockville Tunnel. Built in 1860, it is Canada's first railway tunnel, and now it has been illuminated with LED lighting. You can visit the tunnels for free to enjoy the light show.

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St. Raphael's Ruins

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Located in Glengarry, Ontario St. Raphael Church was one of the first Roman Catholic churches in English-speaking Canada. In 1970 a fire destroyed the church, but the outer walls still stand. You can visit the impressive National Historic Site for free.

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Morrison's Quarry

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Time From Ottawa: 25 minutes

This hidden swimming hole outside of Ottawa is worth a visit! Located in Wakefield, Quebec Morrison's Quarry has crystal clear blue water where you can swim and snorkel.

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Fairmont Montebello

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour

For a relaxing weekend getaway head to Fairmont Montebello. The luxurious log cabin is the worlds most massive wooden structure. While visiting the log cabin make sure to photograph the impressive central stone fireplace in the lobby of the hotel.

Another not to be missed sight is the dog sleds in the winter. Outside the hotel, you can find a dog sled tent where you can sign up to take a dog sled tour of the area.

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Pink Lake

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Time From Ottawa: 30 minutes

Despite its name, Pink Lake is green! The lake, which gets its name from the Pink family who settled on the land in 1826, is one of the superb attractions in Gatineau Park. Only half an hour outside of the city, you can easily spend the afternoon enjoying the natural beauty Gatineau Park has to offer.

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Kricklewood Farm

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Walk through the dreamy sunflower fields at Kricklewood Farm! Kricklewood Farm specializes in cold-pressed sunflower oil, and at the farm, they have a massive 60 acres of sunflowers. When in bloom, the endless sea of bright yellow flowers makes for a beautiful sight.

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Time From Ottawa: 30 minutes

Located along the Gatineau River, Wakefield is a delightful tourist destination. In the town, you can find a variety of lovely boutiques, cafes, and restaurants to visit. Two favorite photo spots are the Wakefield Covered Bridge built in 1915 and the Wakefield Mill in 1838.

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Time From Ottawa: 25 minutes

For an outstanding sunset photo, head to the Alymer Marina. The silhouette of the boats on the water against the bright-hued sky will guarantee you a photo on Instagram that will get tons of likes.

To truly enjoy the view, head to the Alymer beach just before dusk with a blanket to watch the sunset. Located only 25 minutes outside of Ottawa, it makes for an easy spot to drive to afterwork.

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Parc des Chutes Coulogne

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Bring your action camera and head to Parc des Chutes Coulogne for an exhilarating photo opportunity. Parc des Chutes Coulogne, located in Mansfield-et-Pontefract Quebec, is an aerial park where you can zip line over the water for gorgeous photos. After ziplining make sure to explore the aerial park, and walk along the canyon for more stunning views.

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Rock Dunder

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Near Kingston, you can find Rock Dunder, a gorgeous wilderness area. Here you'll be able to explore three hiking trails, with the best hike being The Summit Loop, a 3.9 km path that goes through the forest and leads to a lookout point. At the lookout, you'll be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the Rideau Waterway and the surrounding forest.

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Upper Canada Village

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 10 minutes

At Upper Canada Village you can learn about life in the 1860s. Here you can tour the grounds in costume, wearing a bonnet and petticoat or top hat and braces as you explore the charming village.

Throughout the year Upper Canada Village hosts a variety of festivals and events that are worth visiting. You can see medieval Knights in shining armor, falconers and buskers at the Medieval Festival, or the entire village lit up for Christmas at Alight-At-Night. Another popular attraction is Pumpkinferno, where the town is decorated with thousands of carved pumpkins. The massive sculptures made out of carved pumpkins are sure to leave you breathless!

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Fort Wellington National Historic Site

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Learn about Canada's history by watching a re-enactment of the War of 1812 at Fort Wellington National Historic Site in Prescott. The fort was built in the War of 1812 to defend the St. Lawrence River from the United States.

Now you can visit, and throughout the year the fort has a variety of events that are truly wonderous for you to experience. You can watch the costume soldiers doing drills, take part in an interactive clue base theater, and try period cooked food. Another must-try activity is enlisting to be in the Royal Artillery for a day where you will get to fire a 19th-century cannon!

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Bonnechere Caves

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Time From Ottawa: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Explore the underground natural wonder, the Bonnechere Caves in Eganville. There are several tours daily which last approximately one hour and will take you through the caves where you will be able to see some prehistoric fossils.

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