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You Must Make A Trip To This Unique Cave In Gatineau Park Before Winter Comes

Now that winter is slowly approaching, or at least the cold weather is, we feel like we need to get in everything we said we would do this summer into a few short weeks. Lusk Cave is one of those things you must do before it starts getting cold. It's just a must.

This hidden gem, which is about a 45 minute drive from Ottawa, is a marble cave which is thousands of years old. There was a large glacier that melted and water got trapped under it, forcing cracks in the rocks. The marble of Lusk Cave wore away quicker than the rocks, which formed the beautiful cave we now have.

If you're looking for an adventure, this is your sign. This cave takes about four hours round trip and is 10 kilometres long. That may sound like a long hike, but once you get to the cave you'll realize it's so worth it. The eroding of the cave makes it so beautiful, and it's so unique you won't believe you're so close to home.

In the cave itself, there is low to moderate deep water. The water in the first section is about ankle high, and the second section is about waist high depending on your height. It is recommended that you bring a change of clothes or a bathing suit as well as water shoes. By the end of the cave, to get out you have to dive under water since there is only a small opening–so to all the claustrophobic people out there, just take a deep breath and go for it anyways.

No matter where you're from, this cave is worth the drive and the hike. It's always so nice to get out into nature and experience the world around you–especially when it's into the unknown. Of course Lusk Caves are open all year, but it's not recommended to go during the winter time as it is very slippery and dangerous. Plus, if you go during the fall, you'll be surrounded by the changing leaves and you won't die from the humidity which that's always a plus.

Spending the afternoon in a cave is an experience you don't get very often. Especially since it's so close to home, there is no excuse to not put this on your end of summer (I realize it's already fall, but you know) bucket list. So grab a few friends, bring a picnic basket and eat lunch in the middle of a cave. And obviously, Instagram your experience. But I felt as though that was inevitable.

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