Even though we may all want to get away from winter aka the snow, and the cold, we can also embrace it. If we didn't, then we wouldn't have unreal spas like this one so close to us.

Located in The Laurentians in Quebec, Polar Bear's Club is the ultimate getaway when you're looking for a short road trip, but to also relax with your girlfriends or your SO.

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This spa is open in the summer as well, but it is magical in the wintertime. Surrounded by mountains, snow, and crisp air, you'll feel so relaxed whether you decide to stay for a couple of hours or a couple of days!

They not only have amazing prices to spend the day there, but they also are always doing promotions that will keep you coming back. The spa access rates to relax by the pool all day are:

  • Regular rate: $44.95
  • Evening (after 6 pm): $29.95
  • Student: $34.95
  • Lady's Thursday: $34.95

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Don't worry, if just laying in the bath/sauna or relaxing all day isn't for you, they have many other services such as: massages, mani/pedis, body wraps, facials and much more. You can make this a more romantic trip too by booking a room with an incredible view as well. There are a lot of activities as well, such as skiing and hiking in the Laurentian mountains.

This place is truly a winter wonderland, and for once you won't feel stressed out being surrounded by snow. So take advantage of their amazing deals and amazing packages and relax in a magical land.

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