"What about protein? Oh, do you do the vegan before 6?" 

"Oh, I could never! What about bacon?!"

Whether people OBVIOUSLY already know that about you, or you're just starting out, you've probably already heard these questions. Vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are getting more and more popular. It's environmentally friendly, matches up with some people ethics/morals, and honestly? Tastes fvcking good.

And with Kingston being the historic yet hip AF city it is, we've got a ton of options for vegetarians and vegans alike. Whether it's speciality shops or mainstream meat loving restaurants popping up with delicacies like Cauliflower "steak", it's easier than ever to go out with your carnivorous friends and not have to spend the night finding a spot where you can all find something. Here are some of the spots you HAVE to hit in Kingston if you're a veg lover, your taste buds will thank you.

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1. Wooden Heads Gourmet Pizza

Highlights: a ton of vegetarian options from the simple Margherita and vegetarian 'za, and for the vegans there is vegan crust available!

If you ask anyone in Kingston where to go for the best 'za, it's this place. The classy atmosphere local ingredients, expensive wine and cocktail list, and famous woodfired pizza's have made this place nothing short of legendary, call ahead for reservations as they as usually packed!

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2. Simply Well // 34 Princess St.

Highlights: their hangover slushy (with electrolyte powder that works faster and harder than any old cup of OJ), Coco smoothie (that has botanica chocolate greens power with 5 servings of vegetable you won't even taste), their glow juice, or overnight oats! Bonus, you can make any smoothie into a bowl and add coconut whip cream!

More than just another juice bar, this simple, sustainable, and holistic spot offering Kingston the juices, smoothies, Mushroom coffee (don't knock it till you've tried it), bowls, lunches and more! A true oasis for anyone whose body could use a little nutrient enriched loving.

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3. Harper's Burger Bar // 93 Princess St.

Highlights: their legendary chickpea vegan burger served on a vegan bun (because wouldn't that be a waste if not am I right), their grilled fresh herb-marinated portobello cap burger, superfood salad, and veggie dogs.

Finally! A burger joint that doesn't just have a sad veggie burger option hidden on the back of the menu! Harper's has a ton of flavorful options for vegetarians/vegans and meat eaters alike, making this chill Princess st. burger place a perfect place for the whole squad.


4. Black Cat Bakery

Highlights: Vegan cupcakes, sugar cookies, themed birthday cakes, are just some of the delicacies you can indulge in.

To all the people that think vegans only eat vegetables, check out Black Cat Bakery and THINK AGAIN. Though there isn't a storefront yet, they are always open to orders (emailblackcatveganbakery@gmail.com), often pop up at Queen's/SLC (keep an eye of their facebook) and their items at South Paw Cat cafe!

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5. The Small Batch Cafe // 282 Princess St.

Highlights: pear and brie paninis, vegan breakfast thumbprint cookies, vegan curried chickpea sandwich, vegan vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, vegan molasses spice spelt cookies, vegan "Nuts for Protein" bar, chocolate hazelnut cream pie (we could go on for awhile but we'll let you test it out).

This Princess street diamond is back again on our radar for its unreal vegan sweets! They offer up some amazing creative vegan sweets and great vegetarian sandwiches, all handmade in their store daily in small batches (literally true to the name, so get there early). They also offer lactose-free and soy milk options for all their drinks!

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6. Curry Original // 253 Ontario St. A

Highlights: their huge veg friendly section of the menu that includes the delicious Bombay Aloo, the unique Palak Mattar Paneer, Aloo Ghobi, and more. They also have their vegetarian dinner for two which includes some delicacies like samosa, Tarka Dall, and Mushroom Bhaji!

It's known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Kingston, is it their unreal curry? Suave atmosphere? The fact that anyone and everyone can find something on the menu they'd want? We're thinking all the above, head here for a classy dinner where you won't just have to order off the sides menu ("ya, just the rice and veggies please" NO MORE!).

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7. Tara Natural Foods // 81 Princess St.

Highlights: your monthly haul of produce you wouldn't be able to find easily anywhere else like bulk grains, fresh nut butter, dried fruits, broccoli sprouting seeds, fresh wheat germ etc. Our fav is their all natural selection of granola bars and cookies near the cash for a sweet treat on your way out. Tip, you can bring your own containers to shop waste free (love to mother nature am I right?!)

Undoubtedly, this is THE place to go in Kingston to shop for all your vegan/vegetarian grocery needs. Need to find things you wouldn't find on your normal stroll down aisle 2? Head here for their all natural produce and products, a true gem in the 613.

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8. Fuel House Nutrition // 236 Wellington St.

Highlights: a huge selection of whey protein and vegan protein powder (again debunking the myth that veg lovers get no protein). The chocolate peanut butter cup, salted almond bless, and Kalefornia dreaming smoothies are not to be missed.

Relocating to Wellington St. last year this Kingston (literal) powerhouse has kept it's loyal following of protein loving fans alive. But even if your scene is less lifting bars and more lifting shopping bags you're going to love they're amazing smoothies and juices made fresh in front of you. Because we could all use a little nutritious kick and it doesn't hurt to have that come in a delicious smoothie.

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9. Chez Piggy Restaurant // 68 Princess St.

Highlights: The vegetable panini (can be made vegan with no cheese option), hummus with a Pan Chancho Pita (same owners, same amazing quality), vegan cauliflower "steak" with chimichurrie tapenade, lime roasted yams, black bean salad and seasonal vegetables.

Don't let the name fool you, vegetarians and vegans will feel right at home at this internationally inspired and ever so chic restaurant. It's a classic spot where all vegetarians/vegans can find something other than just a salad. Meaning? You can enjoy the limestone walled atmosphere to the fullest.

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10. Crave Coffee House & Bakery // 166 Princess St.

Come for: the vegan veggie wrap, vegan chocolate chip cookies, a variety of speciality drinks (get the sweetened green tea Matcha latte with almond/soy milk), huge salads (Buddha's Belly is a favourite), and cinnamon buns (4 plus flavours baked fresh).

This recently opened coffee shop is exactly what Kingston has been craving. Located conveniently in the heart of downtown it's a great spot with a TON of options for all kinds of foodies. Grab and go vegan/vegetarian boxed meals, cookies and cakes (made in house) are all available here. Sit and enjoy it with an almond milk latte in this sleek and cozy Kingston gem.

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11. Juicy Kik // 753 King St. West

Highlights: the veggie delux sandwhich, Buddha Bowl, Shades of Green bowl, or Kick me Up Juice (to start off with).

When I found this place I had to double check that I was still in the right province, it just looked too good to be true! A husband and wife run juice bar and cafe that offers up AMAZING eats with fresh ingredients, made all in front of you, a must visit!

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12. Pan Chancho // 44 Princess St.

Highlights: the Stuffed French Toast with mascarpone and apricot preserve, vanilla whipped cream and maple syrup. The patates frites with chive aioli, selection of grab and go vegetarian sandwiches, moroccan chickpeas with fresh mint, and vegan walnut burgers to go are also top picks!

Owned by the same people who run the boujee Chez Piggy, this legendary bakery offers a casual, European like atmosphere. Artisanal bread, sandwiches, pizza, salads, cookies, pastries etc. are made in house daily from scratch offering plenty off veg/vegan-friendly options, and if you have time? Make sure to check out their dine-in cafe for breakfast, lunch, and all-day brunch (or just stay for all)!

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13. Eat Lover // Online and at Small Batch Cafe

Highlights: an unreal variety of pizza, donuts and sandwiches all handmade. Try out the handmade vegan pepperoni and donut flavours like Dunk-Uh-Roos, maple caramel corn, peppermint pattie, and Classic Sprinkle. Keep your eye on their website for weekly rotating specials!

This small batch vegan bakery has found the route to our hearts, pizza and donuts. Run by two vegans and available only on the weekends at Small Batch Cafe (or available to order every Saturday directly at eatlovervegan@gmail.com), you won't want to miss the next batch!

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14. Mango // 161 Princess St.

Highlights: their delicious Vegetable Pad Thai with spicy tamarind sauce, Mango Tofu stir fry.

Vegans know it, your carnivorous friends know about it, and now you do too. It's the gem Thai & Pan-Asain cuisine restaurant that is the go to spot for a consistently great meal that offers consistently tasty and innovative Thai Pan-Asian fusion dishes. They serve up massive portions and have delivery available, perfect for the student budget life!

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15. Stone City Ales // 275 Princess St.

Highlights: a decadent vegan mac and cheese and Buf-Faux-Lo made with baked breaded cauliflower!

This local brewery is serving up much more than some legendary in-house brews. With their creative menu being a favourite for Kingston foodies, they made sure not to leave out the veggie loving crowd!

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16. Score Pizza // 91 Princess St.

Highlights: the vegan and gluten-free crust options, and soy cheese option! Try the veggie fresh signature pizza if you don't want to pick your own, it comes with goat cheese, mozzarella, green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, black olives, red onions, tomatoes, and pesto drizzle.

Get your 'za to go, or stay in this contemporary space and enjoy one of their curated craft beers on tap! This recently opened Kingston space is already making waves for their customizable pizza and signature pizzas that are ready in minutes, yet taste like they've been carefully crafted and cooked for hours! They cook the gluten free crust in the same oven as the original crust, so watch out if you have a serious allergy.

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17.  Kingston Veg Fest // St. Lawrence College

Highlights: an oasis of vegan food, entertainment, nutrition pros, and vegans from around the 613 to test out some unreal vegan eats!

All vegans (slash people who just love food) need to head here for a day long celebration of vegan food, pretty much like a party for you. This annual festival is happening in October 2017 and will feature cooking demonstrations, samples from food vendors and other treats. There's also nutrition and fitness experts there so you can learn how to be mentally and physically strong like the badass you are.There's already 50 plus vendors, get ready to feast.

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18. Megalos Restaurant // 226 Princess St.

Highlights: they have a full menu (not just one little option) dedicated to people with dietary needs. Try the Vegetarian Dionne or gnocchi, chickpea burger, red white and pesto pizza, and the veggie stir fry!

Downtown before a show? Out for a date, with the squad perhaps? Well whoever you're with, you'll have no problem finding something on the menu at this warm eatery. The exposed brick walls, amazing location, eclectic fare all make this an ideal spot for a casual night out. The best part? Unlike other restaurants, with the amount of options for vegetarians and vegans, the only problem you'll have is deciding what to order! Heads up, the fryers come in contact with gluten, meat and fish products.