Zip lining in general is so awesome. You can conquer your fear of heights, the adrenaline rush makes you feel like you could do it for days and the views aren't bad either. But imagine all of that during the winter? Yes, please sign me up.

At Arbraska Lefléche, all of your winter dreams will come true. While they do offer just zip lining in the winter, their package called The Snowman's Adventure is even more amazing. The Snowman's Adventure includes:

  • A tour of the largest cave you can visit in in the Canadian Shield
  • A 1 hour and 30 minute snowshoe adventure
  • A zip lining adventure that's an 850 feet long descent
  • And at the end of the day, you can sit around the fire with hot chocolate!

This amazing winter adventure costs only $46.00 and is completely worth every penny. If you want something less intense, the park has so many different options that you can do to make your winter count. None of these will break the bank either, but experience is priceless anyways.

via @reganatorrr

Other activities at Arbraska Lefléche includes aerial courses, a ziptour, snowshoeing, cave tour, and hiking. If you're looking to go but don't want to do all that's mentioned above in The Snowman's Adventure, then you can choose one of these to do!

It can seem like in winter all of the fun things you want to do in the summer just disappear, however, zip lining in the middle of winter sounds like one amazing experience! Watch the video above, and even though it's all in French, the scenery is enough to put this on your bucket list for 2017. Winter is just beginning, so you have plenty of time to hype yourself up ;)

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