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Needles Were Just Found In Halloween Candy In A Second Canadian City

This is the second Ontario city to fall victim to this crime.
Needles Were Just Found In Halloween Candy In A Second Canadian City

Every year it seems that Halloween is ruined by people who think it's funny to put needles in children's candy. The latest Canadian city to be victimized by this crime is in our nation's capital, Ottawa. 

Ottawa Police put out a warning to residents today saying they are currently investigating a report of a Halloween chocolate bar being tampered with in the city. 

We are investigating a report of Halloween candy being tampered with in the Barrhaven area. Please be sure to check your child’s collection of Halloween treats and if you encounter anything suspicious, please file a police report at 613-236-1222, extension 7300. #ottnews

November 2, 2018

According to their warning, put out on Twitter, the police say that the report came from the Barrhaven neighbourhood of Ottawa, a highly residential and family-populated area. They specifically mention the area by Sherway and Vanessa but warn all residents to be vigilant. 

While the police didn't confirm in their Twitter post whether it was a needle in the chocolate bar, a post circulating on social media shows the needle in an Aero bar. 

This is at least the second official report of needles being found in Halloween candy in Ontario. Just yesterday, the city of North Bay issued a warning to residents after tampered with candy was found at multiple residences. 

Police in the city confirmed that multiple reports of needles in candy had been filed and at least six chocolate bars had been tampered with. 

In both cities, police are now reminding residents to be extra vigilant and to double check any Halloween candy before eating it or letting a child eat it. 

In 2016, Ottawa Police had investigated a similar report after Halloween but found that the child had put needles in their own candy as some kind of trick. They are still investigating to determine if malicious activity is to blame in this case. 

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