Time to power up! If you’ve ever wanted to munch on one of those "Super Mario" red mushrooms IRL, now’s your chance. A new Gatineau cafe near Ottawa is serving up a variety of wild baked goods and you can taste them all. 

Talk about levelling up your dessert game.

From artisanal bread to delicate mushroom and lemon sweets, lattes, and more, Maison Oddo is sure to satisfy your baked-good cravings.

There’s even a vegan olive fougasse that looks so delicious.

The minimal and sleek bakery officially opened its doors a few months ago and features impressive treats from a famous Montreal pastry chef.

Located just a quick 15-minute drive from Ottawa, you can easily pop over here with your BFFs on your next day off.

More than just dessert, you can also indulge in some tasty sammies, soups, and salads. Hello, brunch date!

Of course, there are plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants nearby that make for the perfect besties brunch outing, including this totally unique donut shop.

But if you’re looking to try something new with the squad then why not venture out to Maison Oddo?

After all, these treats look like they’re so much fun(gus) to munch on.

The mushroom dessert specifically is made with a sweet Morello cherry mousse, surrounded by a Haitian chocolate cream, a Bavarian Kirsch, and a cocoa streusel.

Um, OK, we’ll take two, please!

Prices vary, of course, but most of the desserts hover around the $5-7 range.

And if you or someone in your friend group recently went vegan, have no fear.

With vegan menu options like the falafel sandwich and more, there’s a little something for everyone here.

The breakfast sandwich on a fresh croissant looks mouth-watering, too.

We’re basically ready to order one of everything on the menu at this point.

So, if you’re with us, be sure to pop over to this new bakery ASAP.

Maison Oddo

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Baked goods

Address: 260 Saint-Raymond Boulevard, Unit 100, Gatineau, QC

Why You Need To Go: You can try wild mushroom desserts that look like something straight out of "Super Mario."