Praise the pumpkin spice gods.

A two-storey Starbucks opened this morning on York Street in the ByWard Market and it's the first in Canada to have a so-called "Reserve Bar." That's right: It's the first of its kind in the country and Starbucks decided to give it here to us in Ottawa. Not Toronto. Not Montreal. Not Vancouver. So, take that and be jealous, Canada.

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The new location will be serving unique, specially hand-crafted brewing techniques you won't find elsewhere in the city, like nitro cold brew. The gourmet treatment comes at a price. One of their newest drinks, siphon-brewed coffee, will cost $10 plus tax for a grande cup.

But let's get to the real deal: the location's licensed. After 4pm, this location will be serving international wine and beer with the new so-called Starbucks Evenings. Oh, and no, you can't get either in Trenta cups.

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Starbucks has trained the best-of-the-best baristas in the city to start up this locationwho will be wearing black aprons instead of the traditional green (or holiday red). They're called "Coffee Masters", by the way, not baristas. They'll be able to explain every step of the way when making your specially brewed cup of coffee.

The location is 62 York St. in the ByWard Market (where Fat Tuesday's formerly was). Oh and don't worry: They're still selling Peppermint Mochas and other holiday drinks there (God bless).

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