An even better reason to go and relax. And for longer. 

Nordik Spa-Nature, which is the largest spa destination in North America, will be adding a new hotel to the beautiful spa. Surrounding the spa right now is just trees that make for a gorgeous view, however, a hotel will take place of that view to make the experience even richer. 

As of right now, the spa has limited accommodation with it's overnight cabins. The new plan will include a 60-room hotel, and the hotel will be committed to wellness, yoga and meditation. 

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The plan all along was to build a hotel so it could be more than a day getaway for people, but the spa is more popular than ever, so there was no better time. Right now, the spa isn't a destination for travellers. With the new hotel, they'll be able to get tourists from all over the world who will be able to destress, relax and not have to plan a day out of their trip to come to Nordik Spa-Nature. The spa will be the trip. 

For Ottawans, and those who live in Gatineau/Chelsea, it's definitely a place where we can go for a couple of hours or a full day and recharge. We have an advantage, and the spot could not be any more perfect. This is the first place we go to when we want a relaxing day, and now others will be able to experience why it's so worth it. 

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Nordik Spa-Nature, which is located in Chelsea, Quebec, offers a ton of treatments from pools, to saunas, to full body treatments. Add a hotel to this experience and you'll truly never want to leave. 

Construction is set to start this winter, and the hotel should be open by summer of 2019. Until then, we'll take full advantage of our days at the spa. They're much needed. For more information, check out their website here

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