What a way to start off your Friday morning! OC Transpo O-Train commuters faced the brunt of train delays on October 25, just around 8 a.m. before starting their day. An immobilized O-train caused some OC Transpo delays at Tunney's station, which gave headaches for many as there was no movement on Line 1 for part of the morning. Stations were packed with people trying to get to work, school or just get their morning started. This isn't the first time that Ottawa commuters have had to deal with delays when it comes to transit. 

UPDATE: A statement provided to Narcity from Troy Charter, Director, Transit Operations at the City of Ottawa, said: "There was a stopped train on Line 1 this morning at Tunney's Pasture that needed to be routed to the maintenance and storage facility because the operator could not resolve the situation with passengers on board and with the train in service. In order to get customers moving, passengers onboard the train were asked to switch to a different train on the opposite platform at Tunney's Station.

"Upon boarding the second train, there was an interaction with a door that caused customers' wait time to be longer while the operator rectified the situation. Subsequent trains arrived shortly after and cleared both platforms at Tunney's. Some customers may have experienced slightly longer travel and waiting times."

EARLIER: It is definitely safe to say that transit commuters were not at all impressed with how hectic and evidently stressful the situation was. OC Transpo sent out a service alert on Twitter at around 8:06 a.m. warning commuters that delays can be expected; however, updates were soon to follow. Both platforms at Tunney's station were out of service until the conductors got the okay to resume.

By 8:30 a.m. a final update was sent out, letting people know that Line 1 resumed full service, and thanked commuters for their patience. However, the backups left chaos throughout the station and many took to Twitter to complain about the service. 

Thankfully, this delay lasted 25 minutes or so, but that was more than enough time for people to take onto Twitter to share their frustrations. One person on Twitter shared her experience this morning, mentioning that no one knew what was going on.

"I was on the broken down train and no one knew what was going on. Ppl started getting off without any explanation over the system or from any operators on the ground," read the tweet.

Others were beyond annoyed, questioning OC Transpo about apparent daily delays on the line. The situation may be so frustrating in fact, that one Twitter user asked if the OC Transpo will be releasing another statement for the delays.

"So, when do we get another statement from you guys about these delays? It's still a daily occurrence. You thank us for our patience, apologize for the delays but ... when are we going to actually see the improvement we've been promised and that we're PAYING for? Just curious," read the tweet.

Now it's only October, but some people are already fearing the cold Ottawa winters during O-Train delays. One person even made their own version of "Let it snow!", OC Transpo style.

Thankfully, the delay didn't last much longer but if you're from the Ottawa area and rely on the O-Train, just make sure to give yourself some time this morning to get to where you need to be. 

Just a few days ago, the Ottawa LRT system experienced another immobilized train at uOttawa station, forcing commuters to wait for an over an hour for full service to be restored, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Narcity reached out to Ottawa Media Relations for a comment. 

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