We are so lucky to live in the province of Ontario. There are so many places we can go to escape from reality and immerse ourselves in nature's wonder. There are also a ton of cool places that allow us to try new things like unicorn ice cream or margarita towers! The province is filled with unique places to go and discover. Whether you enjoy the outdoors, or prefer to chill inside, Ontario has something for everyone. 

The only problem is many of these fun things cost a ton of money! Either way you'll have to pay for gas, but add of the actual activity and the amount of money spent just keeps piling on. It's time to save your money and discover the provinces gems that don't cost a thing. 

Content disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. The locations listed below may or may not have changed their regulations in regards to what you can or cannot do on site since the article was last updated. Always consult with local authorities. If you do plan to visit a location, know the risks beforehand and respect the environment.

City of Waterfalls

Where: Hamilton

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Hamilton Ontario is the official city of waterfalls in the province. The province has over 130 different waterfalls and cascades that you can spend your day discovering. You can take a self guided walk through the forest to find all of these gems. To see the unreal Albion Falls parking is normally free! So you won't be breaking your bank account to find this stunner.


Wellington Rotary Beach

Where: Beach St, Prince Edward

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Wellington Rotary Beach offers perfect place to soak up the summer sun and get your tan on. Wellington beach has a boardwalk which extends the length of the entire beach perfect for a stroll. It's also perfect for swimming and relaxation!


Rainbow Tunnel

Where: E Don Trail, North York

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Prepare to add a splash of colour into your life when you visit this bright rainbow tunnel. Artists Rob Matejka and Anthony DeLacruz created this bright mural in 2013 and the original was painted by BC Johnson in 1972! This is a perfect place to visit this summer.


Midlothian Castle

Where: 925-1201 Midlothian Rd, Burk's Falls

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This one is a tad creepy looking, but it is sure to amaze you. Midlothian Castle (or The Screaming Heads of Midlothian) are 20 feet high screaming heads. You can walk around the area and take photos with the unique sculptures. Peter Caman is the artist who created the unusual residence in the form of a castle complete with sculpture gardens on 300 acres.


Bruce Peninsula National Park

Where: 469 Cyprus Lake Rd, Tobermory

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If you've never been to Bruce Peninsula National Park this summer you have to! The water at this provincial park is completely clear and it is perfect for a hot summer day. There is a parking fee, however other than that you won't need to spend anything else!


Wawa Goose

Where: Mission Rd, Wawa

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Well, if you're someone that loves to be super patriotic then this gem is a true photo op. The Wawa Goose was created in 1963 and is a great place to go for some cute photos. The goose is made entirely of steel and it comes from the meaning of the word "Wawa" which means "Wild Goose" in Ojibway.


Sleeping Giant Provincial Park

Where: RR 1, Pass Lake

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If you're trying to go somewhere to see the most breathtaking views, this is the place. This park has over 100 kilometres of trails for both day and overnight hikes. The trails can lead you along the rugged shores of Lake Superior, past towering cliffs to scenic views on top of the Giant, or to quiet lakes and streams deep within the park’s wilderness areas.


Brockville Railway Tunnel

Where: 1 Water St W, Brockville

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The Brockville Railway Tunnel is half a kilometre long and is filled with energy-efficient lighting that changes colours. The Brockville Railway Tunnel is completely free to visit and will 100% make you feel like you're in a dream. This is a great place to explore if you don't want to spend a single penny.


Bathtub Island

Where: Lake Superior Provincial Park

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This stunning lake is called Bathtub Island. The basin-shaped landform fills up with freshwater during tidal periods and turns into a giant bathtub that's perfect for a summer swim. The site is located a few hours north of Sault Ste. Marie and all you have to pay for is parking! This is 100% worth visiting this summer.


Big Nickel

Where: 122 Big Nickel Mine Dr, Sudbury

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This giant nickel is located in Sudbury Ontario and it's likely the world's largest coin. This stainless steel five cent coin is 30 feet wide and weighs 13,000 kilograms! The huge coin is an exact replica of the actual nickel that was designed in 1951.


Springer Market Square

Where: 216 Ontario St, Kingston

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Spend your day exploring Kingston's market square. This is a great way to escape from the business of a city. Kingston is a quaint small town where you can wander around and find unique things. You'll have a hard time resisting to buy some fresh fruits to enjoy!


Scarborough Bluffs 

Where: 61 Under Cliff Drive

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Head here to see the most unreal views of Lake Ontario. You'll feel like you stepped into a complete dream. With so many trials and gardens, the Bluffs are truly a great place to go on a summer day.