If you’re desperate for your fresh fruit and veggie fix, there’s good news ahead! Ottawa Farmers’ Market is going online, and so many amazing vendors are getting involved. The best part is, you can get all of their fresh, local produce delivered straight to your door. Yum!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Ottawans have been missing local and fresh food, which is often sold at the city’s popular farmers’ markets.

However, Ottawa Farmers’ Markets is heading for the world-wide-web, and sixteen of our favourite vendors are now selling their delicious produce and products online.

The website offers both pickup and delivery, and it has a very cute feature that makes the experience feel very authentic.

The online store isn’t open 24/7, just like the real thing! For now, the store is closed until Sunday at 9 a.m., which is when it will reopen for orders.

There is a minimum purchase of $50, and a $5 delivery charge for drop-offs. However, you can get a whole basket full of goodies for that price, and you’ll be supporting local businesses.

If you’re feeling hungry, you’ll be able to get your hands on all sorts of tasty treats. There’s fresh bread and baked goods, locally sourced fruit and veggies, local meat, homemade maple syrup, natural honey products, and natural dairy products. There’s even hand sanitizer available!

There are so many vendors getting involved in the online project, and you’ll probably recognize many of them from your local markets.

The list looks like this; Roots Down Organic Farm, Burrell Farm, Bushgarden Farm, Backyard Edibles, Castor River Farm, La Bergerie des Sables, Buzzz Honey Products, Blue Shoes Honey, Maple Country and House of Pain bakery.

Le Petit Brûlé smokehouse, Milkhouse Farm and Dairy, Kricklewood Farm,  Hall’s Apple Market, Raon Kitchen and Dominion City Brewing Co. are also getting in on the action!

If you don't want to wait in the huge lines at Ottawa's supermarkets, this could be a great alternative option.

Luckily for fans of local Ottawa produce, Mayor Jim Watson announced this week that the summer farmers’ markets will go ahead, despite COVID-19 concerns.

While no official date has been confirmed by Watson, local vendors will be free to sell their products as usual come the summer months.

That said, shoppers can expect increased social distancing protocol, but that’s hardly surprising!

While things are a little uncertain in Ottawa right now, and across the rest of Canada, one thing is certain. A fresh basket of locally produced goodies would probably cheer us up right now.

Virtual picnic, anyone?

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