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Ottawa Will Feel Like -31 C Tonight & You Could Get Frostbite Walking To Your Car

Stay home tonight, Ottawans!
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Ottawa Will Feel Like -31 C Tonight & You Could Get Frostbite Walking To Your Car

After a pretty mild January in the capital city, you’d be forgiven for thinking that winter was almost over. Sadly, this is not the case, as a new Ottawa frostbite advisory has been issued by the city's public health officials. In fact, conditions are expected to get so cold on Friday, you could actually get frostbite during the short walk to your car.

As the temperature continues to drop in Ontario, Ottawa Public Health (OPH) has issued a frostbite warning for the evening up ahead.

The overnight wind chill is expected to bring temperatures down to as low as -31 C by the early hours of Saturday morning.

It’s going to get so cold that there’s a frostbite risk for residents of the capital city. OPH is urging locals to be careful when venturing out in the bone-chilling conditions.

In a statement on their website, OPH experts explained that “Extremely cold weather can lead to serious complications, the worst being amputation.”

The cautionary message went on to add, “Injuries from frostbite are extremely common yet extremely preventable.”

If you’ve got plans to leave the house in the next 12 hours, make sure you’re prepared.

Environment Canada warns that when the wind chill is colder than -28 C there's an "extremely high" risk of frostbite, and exposed skin can freeze in as little as 10 minutes. Yikes!

In a post on their Twitter page, OPH confirmed that the advisory would remain in place until further notice.

Unfortunately for Ottawans, it’s looking like a cold weekend ahead.

The Weather Network is predicting highs of only -14 degrees on Saturday, while overnight temperatures will drop back down to -25 C in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Conditions will improve again by Sunday afternoon, as highs will return to around -9 C.

This isn’t the first time in the last month or so that Ottawa Public Health has been forced to issue frostbite advisories.

The first week of January brought treacherous conditions of -28 C with 50 km/h wind speeds.

There was a similar warning in place back in December when the wind chill made temperatures feel colder than -29 C in the capital.

If you had plans to frolic in the seasonal snow at Winterlude this weekend, keep an eye on Ottawa’s weather forecast by clicking here.

For a list of tips to prevent frostbite, visit Ottawa Public Health's website.

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