Ottawa Has Canada's 1st Ever Multiplayer Virtual Reality Escape Room

Literally UNREAL.
Ottawa Has Canada's 1st Ever Multiplayer Virtual Reality Escape Room

Escape rooms are already pretty epic on their own, but now there's one that's fully virtual reality (VR)?! This is the coolest yet scariest thing I've ever wanted to try. This new escape room is being added to the bucket list ASAP. 

Virtual reality is growing fast! From video games to training videos to concerts you can have VR anything these days. So many people are chilling in a room without even moving much yet feeling like they're doing a ton! This escape room is a prime example of people feeling like they're breaking out but in reality, they're pretty much stationary.

If you're feeling lazy AF then this is a dream come true for you cause you don't have to move at all. The VR experience will completely make you feel like you're actually trying to break out of a room.

Generally, virtual reality games are single player, but this escape room involves teams of 2-6 people all trying to escape the same room. Each player has the VR goggles, joysticks, and also a microphone making it simple to talk and strategize with your teammates. 

You can find the De-Composed escape room at Room Escape Ottawa which is located at 1860 Bank Street. Trapped in a haunted mansion you and your teammates will be completely immersed in this unique escape room. If you've never tried VR this is 100% the best way to check out what it's like! For more information about this epic VR escape room click here