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Ottawa LRT Was A Total Transit Disaster Again This Morning & Commuters Are Angry

It was another hectic morning for commuters on Ottawa’s LRT line. Widespread service delays on Line 1 due to a door fault at Lees station forced customers to endure longer than usual wait and travel times. Those traveling on Line 1 were initially warned to expect delays over 15 minutes. However, it was later updated to delays of over 20 minutes. Regular service on the line didn’t resume until 7:30 a.m. on Friday. 

The delays left many commuters frustrated with more than a few taking to social media to express their irritation with the new transit system.

“Another morning leaving early, and I will be late to work yet again. Not only are we paying for OC Transpo, and the city doesn’t seem to understand how bad it is for commuters. I say force them to commute, every. Single. Day,” vented one frustrated commuter on Twitter this morning. “I could drive from Ottawa to Kingston in the time it takes me to get home because of the LRT,” wrote another.

Since its grand opening, the LRT has been plagued by several issues. What was supposed to ring in a new era of convenient Ottawa transit has left both city officials and commuters bewildered by its constant failings.

Mayor Jim Watson recently responded to the public’s ongoing LRT and bus service complaints, after being silent for weeks on the issue, promising additional funds to tackle the pressing issue.

"We're not satisfied," said Watson on Wednesday, according to CTV. "We need to get these problems resolved."

"We'll be announcing extra funds in the budget next week for enhanced bus service to solve a lot of the problems,” he added.

Last week, councillors Catherine McKenney, Riley Brockington, and Carol Anne Meehan requested an urgent assembly of the city's transit commission ahead of its scheduled meeting on November 6, 2019. However, the motion was later rejected.

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