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8 Funny Ottawa Memes That Are So Relatable It Hurts

Only Ottawans will understand.
Ottawa Memes That Are So Real It Hurts

Living in Ottawa is a beautiful and unique experience. From surviving the infamously dreadful winters to being known as the shwarma capital of Canada, or "the place that fun forgot", there are more than a few ways to poke a little fun at ourselves. Which is why we've decided to gather the best Ottawa memes that are so real it hurts. 

Everyone from Barrhaven Farrhaven to Gatineau (because somehow that counts as Ottawa, right?) probably remembers the great Rideau sinkholes from a few years ago. But does anyone remember the last time our hockey team won the cup? (Yeah, we didn’t think so). But that doesn’t stop us from cheering them on (Go Sens! Go!) or from loving our city, Mcdonald’s raccoons and all.

Years of standing knee-deep in the snow waiting for a bus that might never come has made us tough and resilient. Sure, there’s plenty of jokes to be made at our expense, but if we can't laugh at ourselves, how will we ever survive another freezing cold winter?

They say laughter is the best medicine, and we’re all going to need some of that after we inevitably catch a cold waiting for the next bus. So, in the spirit of laughter, we've gathered a few memes below that will speak directly to your Ottawan heart.

What the Hull?

Gatineau, the best of both worlds?

When Spring has Sprung in the Capital...

Who's ready for the beautiful Ottawa spring? Anyone?


There is only winter and not winter here.

That's Loki Rude...

Yes is always the answer when shawarma is the question, don't leave your pals out.

A God-like Feat in Ottawa.

Is there really any better feeling?

Better Late Than Never, Right?

"It's [Ottawa's] only choice! Throw up your hands and raise your voice! Monorail!" - The Simpsons, Marge vs The Monorail

Ottawa Winter be Like...

We all know the struggle of winter busing and driving in Ottawa. Who's ready to start leaving an hour earlier to accommodate the weather?

When the Home Team Lets You Down.

Sens fans know this pain all too well.

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