When it comes to winter, I'm pretty sure we're all more than over it. Especially since we get to see all of our friends and family jet off to a tropical island while we're here dealing with 15 cm of snow, mixed with rain, also mixed with +15 degree weather. Just get me out of here.

If you're as over this weather as I am, you'll love what I have for you. Since we all can't afford a plane ticket to a tropical destination (and it seems like everyone else can), this is the perfect article for you.

Until April 6th, the Casino du Lac-Leamy is transforming into a huge tropical island. Well, sort of. You'll still get a taste of winter, because it wouldn't be Ottawa/Gatineau if we weren't reminded of how cold it is here! The casino will turn into a massive Copacabanashak, which is basically summer and winter combined. If you're still confused, watch this:


The amount of activities at Copacabanashak will make you never want to leave. With the combination of winter and summer, you'll get lost in a paradise that you didn't think could exist this close to home. If you're still not sold, then here's the catch. 1 million dollars is up for grabs, and you can win it! No, I'm not lying. Every Thursday night from March 2nd to March 30th, Casino du Lac-Leamy will have a Duel, in which you can win other prizes too worth $110,000. You can find me at the casino if you need me.

And that's not even the fun part. If you're still not sold, there will be an interactive dance competition that can also win you prizes. This will happen every Friday night until March 31st and can win you a trip to Brazil or Iceland. A super hot trip and a super cold trip, because those are also like the seasons in Ottawa/Gatineau. No in between.

If you're not big into prizes (weird) and just want to go for the slot machines, well then you're in luck. They just added brand new slot machines at The District which includes Britney Spears, Playboy ft. Pitbull and TED. How cool is that? Now you get to be entertained while winning money. Score! And it gets even cooler than just that. Every hour in The District, 3 players will be selected for the Dollar Booth where they will have 30 seconds to win up to $400. I mean, they're basically giving away free money. You'd be crazy not to go!

And last but certainly not least, the amazing drinks that will make you feel super Canadian, French and tropical all at the same time. Copacabanashak is offering three drinks that are absolutely delicious, and will definitely make you feel like you're drunk on a beach. These three delicious ice cold drinks which are the Raposa, The Quebecer or Gaspésien libre will make you want to come back every week. There is no way you'll be jealous of your friends on a trip anymore, because you'll be the one living it up!

Visit the Casino du Lac-Leamy website, Instagram and Facebook for more details on what Copacabanashak has to offer!