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This Creepy Ottawa Hostel Will Let You Stay Overnight In A Solitary Confinement Jail Cell

It's a real former prison!
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Ottawa Prison Hostel Will Let You Stay Overnight In A Creepy Solitary Confinement Cell

If you’re a fan of out-of-the-ordinary experiences, you’re not going to want to miss this allegedly-haunted hostel. Located in a former county jail, Ottawa’s prison hostel has a reputation for being eerie-AF. You can stay in a former solitary confinement cell, or wander around the old Death Row, just watch out for the many ghosts that reportedly walk the grounds!

Ottawa has a rich and interesting history, and the former Carleton County Gaol definitely has some creepy stories to tell.

The old building used to house some of the country’s most notorious criminals, and it was actually the site of Canada’s last public execution.

The site was shut down in 1972, as conditions were so allegedly inhumane. According to Atlas Obscura, up to 150 prisoners were forced to share about 90 tiny cells.

Believed to be one of the most haunted places in Ottawa, the old prison is definitely scary, and you have to be a pretty brave person to spend the night here.

For those that are up for it, the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel will actually let you stay in former prisons cells.

You can choose between a variety of shared and private cells, some that are more terrifying than others.

For the bravest among us, you can actually stay in the prison’s “historic double cells,” which are located in the old solitary confinement area of the jailhouse.

You can also get a pretty authentic experience by staying in one of the hostel’s 3-ft by 9-ft cells, which recreates the conditions faced by inmates.

Nightly rates start at around $48 per room for the authentic cell experiences, while multi-bed dorm rooms cost around $35 per person, per night.

The price includes electricity, wifi, a lamp, and a lock than can be operated from both sides of the door!

Breakfast and a jail tour are also included.

Atlas Obscura reports that spirits are believed to wander the building at night, slamming doors and appearing at the foot of guest’s beds.

If you’re a light sleeper, you might want to think about taking a friend with you!

Stay The Night In An Old Haunted Jail Cell

Price: From $35

Address: 75 Nicholas St, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: This once-in-a-lifetime experience will give you some incredible (and spooky) stories to tell.

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