Trump Avenue. Seriously. This is an actual place in Ottawa. While most of us probably haven't heard of it up till now, it's pretty obvious how embarrassing it must be to tell someone your address if you live there - especially in times of the reality TV we've all been tuned into (otherwise known as the American elections).

In a video posted by CTV Ottawaresidents of the west-end Ottawa neighbourhood, ironically New-York themed and called "Central Park", describe their feelings towards the name of their home as "plain embarrassing". It's no surprise that Trump's antics leave a bad taste in their mouths, who go as far as saying that they'd want to change the street name "even more so" if Trump were to win.

"Bad hombres"? No thanks. 


Memes set aside, it's no surprise that these Ottawans have had enough of being associated with a particular orange-faced "politician". While no formal name change request has been made yet, resident Pam Baker is confident a majority of her neighbours would join her cause.

Why not just rename it to something positive and New-York themed... like pizza?