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Ottawa Roads Are Frozen Solid And Skating Is The Safest Mode Of Transportation There Right Now

Ottawa's roads are icy, frozen solid leading the roads to be highly dangerous and locals are ice skating down the streets.
Ottawa Roads Are Frozen Solid And Skating Is The Safest Mode Of Transportation There Right Now

Winter has not exactly been kind to Ontario this year. Ottawa is definitely no exception to the crazy weather Ontario has been experiencing this winter. Ottawa's roads are completely frozen solid, which means skating is pretty much the safest mode of transportation there right now. Some locals have been ice skating down the roads instead of walking or driving and honestly, after seeing photos of the conditions, we might do the same. 

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A video of an Ottawa resident ice skating and playing hockey through the streets has surfaced on Twitter and garnered widespread attention. However, it's not only the Canadian ice skating on the roads that catches our eye but also how intensely icy the roads look. Seriously, the roads couldn't be any icier because they look like a full on ice skating river already. Is this a normal Ottawa road or the Rideau Canal Skateway?

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Check out this video that was posted onto Twitter of a local resident skating through the streets of Ottawa while simultaneously playing hockey. 

Roads in Ottawa are so icy that some residents are trading in their winter boots for skates.Thank you to CTV Viewer Nancy Harrison for submitting this video of her brother practicing his puck handling in Orléans.

February 26, 2019

In the video, you can see that the streets are completely frozen over and resemble an ice rink more than a road for cars to drive on. Just try to spot the difference between these icy Ottawa roads and an ice skating river. 

Many other Ottawans have been complaining about the icy roads and taking to Twitter to document just how bad it is in the city right now. Check out even more intense photos of the icy roads in Ottawa and what locals had to say below! 

We accepted the challenge with public transportation, but now it’s a problem reach out a bus stop. Did you see Craig Henry? @ctvottawa @ottawacity @OttawaCitizen #ottawa #ottawachallenges @ottawa311 unbelievable icy sidewalks

February 25, 2019

walking in ottawa in the dark is a fun game of do i wanna slip and eat shit on the side walks, or do i wanna get hit by a car while walking on the slightly less icy road

February 26, 2019

PSA: the sidewalks are icy as hell. Main roads seem fine, doubt side roads are good. But seriously, the ice is no joke. Had to call my bf as every step I was sliding closer onto the road, had to get him to help me off the sidewalk 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 #ottawa #saltplease #thinkofthepedestrians

February 24, 2019

Be careful out there today. Ottawa is windy blustery, snowy, icy, slippery. Walk like a penguin - wear a backpack so arms are free, feet apart, arms out, slowly...

February 25, 2019

When the rest of Ontario is closed and Ottawa’s like, ice on the sidewalks? Skate to class!

February 26, 2019

This was in Riverside South yesterday! Took two hours to clear the ice from the drain so that the water could clear!

February 25, 2019

Very bad road at Woodward ave. They clean just one part. Is very bad to walk now everything is frozen. We have a lot of elder people that they need to take mail also kids walking to take school bus.

February 26, 2019

Ottawa police have even been warning locals after several car crashes took place across the city due to the icy road conditions, according to CBC News

It looks like it's safer to get out your skating boots than to get into a car and drive out on the roads in Ottawa. The roads in the city have transformed into another Rideau Canal. 

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