22 Photos Of Ottawa Senators Players Being The Best Damn Dog Dads

Puppy perfection!
Ottawa Senators Are A Team Full Of Proud Dog Dads And Here Are The Photos To Prove It

It's a long old season in the NHL and don't the Ottawa Senators know it? While their chances of making the playoffs may be almost mathematically impossible, we’ve got a math equation that Sens fans will surely love. Players + puppies = the cutest thing we’ve seen all day. So, if you’re looking for some wholesome doggo content, look no further.

That's because we’ve rounded up 22 of the sweetest photos of Sens players and their dogs to prove that this team is full of proud pup papas. 

You may already know that the Toronto Maple Leafs are packed full of Grade A dog dads, but did you know it's the same over in the capital?

From the goofiest grins to slobbery kisses and cozy cuddles, Sens players certainly know how to treat their pets like the kings and queens they are. 

It seems that whether they’re busy trying to fill arenas or actively stopping live robberies, one thing is for sure, these boys always make time for their furry BFFs. 

As you will see, Sens dogs make the best workout buddies, travel companions, and brand deal babes, and we are totally here for every pawfect moment of it. 

So if you’re a dedicated Sens fan in need of cheering up, or simply can’t pass up adorable doggo content, this one’s for you!

PR Packages & Pups

It seems like goaltender Craig Anderson's little pup is a regular ol' Instagram influencer.

Balcers' Babes

Rudolfs Balcers shows nothing but love for his two favourite ladies.

Part Of The Pack

When he's not smashing pucks and stopping thieves, Mark Borowiecki's busy being the cutest doggo daddie.

Boats & Brands For The Brown Boys 

Connor Brown and his real good boy, Tucker, are living large together.

Cuddles For Days

Honestly, Logan Brown and his doggo are actual goals.

Family Portrait 

Jean Gabriel Pageau's little family is almost too cute to handle.

Hög & His Doge

Is it just us, or does Marcus Högberg's furry BFF look almost human?

Goofy Grins 

Have you ever seen a better set of smiles? Looks like Vlad Namestnikov and his doggo know how to strike a pose.

Big Dog, Little Dog

Anders Nilsson's canine companions may be different in size, but they're certainly equal when it comes to cuteness.

Breaking Rules With This Black Beauty 

No dogs allowed? Scott Sabourin says no way! And honestly, with a doggo this cute, we don't blame him.

Uncle of the Year?

Collin White might not have a fur baby of his own to care for, but he's nailing the uncle role.

Pretty cute stuff, huh? Well if you still haven’t met your cute dog quota for the day, don’t worry, we got you.

As we've already mentioned, the Toronto Maple Leafs are full of proud pup papas too.

If you somehow haven’t seen it yet, the team recently took their doggos to the ice in Nathan Phillips Square and it was so sweet!

Hockey + dogs. A true winner.

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