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Ottawa’s Malfunctioning Trains Force Hundreds Of People To Walk To Work (VIDEOS)

People even hopped fences to avoid the crowds.
Toronto Staff Writer
Ottawa’s Malfunctioning Trains Force Hundreds Of People To Walk To Work (VIDEOS)

Another morning of delays and overcrowding frustrated Ottawa transit riders this Wednesday. Hundreds of travellers were left stranded after an issue on Ottawa's new light rail caused chaos for the third day in a row. It got so bad that people started hopping fences to avoid the crowds.

According to CBC, a jammed door on the new LRT caused the delays. OC Transpo reported the problem, which brought all LRT trains to a halt, at Lyon Station at around 8 a.m. Frustrated passengers were forced to wait on platforms as crowds filled the concourse.

Door issues first began plaguing the new LRT system on Tuesday morning. OC Transpo reported that the “door fault” is occurring at uOttawa Station. The service later provided an update that 10-minute delays were expected in both directions, though they ended up at the half-hour mark.

It appears that Wednesday’s delays were the breaking point for would-be passengers who began walking from Tunney’s Pasture station. Hundreds of commuters were seen migrating to work from the station during morning rush hour.

Some even took it a step further, jumping fences to avoid the crowds.

Ottawa commuters reported that they were up to 45 minutes late to work due to the delays, many of them having to walk as much 2 km to get to work.

Thankfully, by 9:30 a.m., regular service had resumed for all LRT trains.

The City of Ottawa has informed Narcity that they are currently looking into the matter in order to provide an update about the malfunctioning trains.

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