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Ottawa Weather Is So Cold You Could Get Frostbite In Just 10 Minutes

There's nothing like freezing cold temperatures to remind you that winter is almost officially here. In Ottawa, the weather is so cold that there's a serious risk of getting frostbite in just a matter of minutes. It might be best to stay indoors if you don't need to spend any time outside.

Even though the season doesn't start until December 21, winter is definitely bringing the cold already. Temperatures across the country have been chilly, and there has been lots of snow.

In the nation's capital especially, Wednesday night will be freezing.

The forecast in Ottawa for the rest of the week is warning of cold temperatures and with wind chills dropping to below -20 C, you could be at risk for frostbite especially on December 18 and December 19.

Even though winds will calm down a bit, the day's low is expected to hit -21 C with the wind chill making it feel like -29 C.

According to Environment Canada, when the wind chill is from -10 C to -27 C, if you're outside for too long without the right winter gear, there's a moderate risk for frostbite, hypothermia and frostnip, which is a mild form of frostbite.

When the wind chill is from -28 C to -39 C, there's a high risk of frostbite and exposed skin can freeze in 10 to 30 minutes.

While Thursday will be sunny, looks can be deceiving. The cold is still sticking around, unfortunately.

In the early morning hours, the wind chill will make it feel like -30 C. 

The temperature is expected to reach a daytime high of -15 C with a wind chill of -22 C in the afternoon. 

For Friday, the wind chill will make it feel like -27°C early on and then it will slowly ease up into the minus teens during the day and into the night.

Earlier in December, parts of the Prairies and the territories had daytime highs of -20 C and lower, with wind chills making it feel like -30 C and even -40 C, thanks to arctic air from Siberia.

To protect yourself from frostbite when it gets frigidly cold, Environment Canada suggests wearing warm layers with a jacket that's wind-resistant, wearing hats, gloves and a scarf, staying dry, keeping active and covering exposed skin.

If you were planning on heading to the Ottawa Christmas market or checking out the Christmas lights at Parliament Hill and Confederation Park, you might want to wait until it's not as cold.

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