What's better than enjoying some delicious ice cream? In Ottawa, there are so many mouthwatering ice cream shops to try.

Whether you prefer unique ice cream flavours, frozen custard, gelato, sorbet, soft-serve or vegan ice cream, there are plenty of options available. Check out all these amazing ice cream shops in Ottawa.

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Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen

Where: 477 Bank St., Ottawa, ON

At Moo Shu Ice Cream & Kitchen you can try delicious Asian-inspired ice cream flavours served on a bubble waffle or regular cone. The types of ice creams available frequently rotate, such as Hong Kong Milk Tea, Tang Zhong Milk Bread and black sesame.


The Merry Dairy

Where: 102 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa, ON

You need to try the delicious nut-free frozen custard at The Merry Dairy. They offer scoops of their delicious ice cream in a variety of flavours and as soft serve.


The Beach Shack Ottawa

Where: Mooney's Bay Beach, Ottawa, ON

When: Reopening mid-May

Head to Mooney's Bay Beach to find the Beach Shack Ottawa. This cute ice cream shop sells a bunch of unique ice cream cones coated in a variety of candy toppings.


Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

Where: 1130 Wellington Street W., Ottawa, ON

The award-winning gelato at Stella Luna Gelato Cafe is outstanding. They have two locations in Ottawa and offer a vast range of flavours of gelato and sorbet.


Mantovani 1946

Where: 87 Murray St., Ottawa, ON

This beautiful cafe will make you feel like you are in Italy and specializes in serving authentic Italian gelato. The award-winning gelato flavours at Mantovani 1946 frequently change, so there is always something new to try, and they also carry vegan options.


Magic Molecule

Where: 217 Bank St., Ottawa, ON

For a delicious treat head to Magic Molecule to try their liquid Nitrogen ice cream. The ice cream is made to order, and is not only super creamy but is surrounded with a smokey mist from the Nitrogen.


Piccolo Grande

Where: 102-55 Murray St., Ottawa, ON

Piccolo Grande has long been a local favourite for gelato and sorbet in the Byward Market. Some of the most popular flavours include pistachio, coconut, and lemon. They also carry vegan options.


Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

Where: 70 George St., Ottawa, ON

At this macaron shop, you can get delicious ice cream parfaits topped with macarons and macaron crumble.


Little Jo Berry's

Where: 1305 Wellington St. W., Ottawa, ON

At Little Jo Berry's, you can enjoy outstanding vegan soft-serve. The flavours change all the time, so it is best to check their Instagram account (@littlejoberrys) to see what is currently available.


The Beachconers

Where: 273 Britannia Rd., Ottawa, ON

This ice cream shop is only a short walk away from Britannia Beach. The Beachconers specialize in selling small-batch ice cream made with high quality and local ingredients.


Lois 'N' Frima's Ice Cream

Where: 71 George St., Ottawa, ON

Lois 'N' Frima's Ice Cream has been open in Ottawa for over 30 years! This ByWard Market shop has a vast assortment of ice cream flavours, with non-dairy and sugar-free options available.


Brett's Ice Cream

Where: 1001 Beaverbrook Rd., Kanata, ON

Head to Brett's Ice Cream for some fantastic soft-serve. Their soft serve with a colourful swirl edge looks as good as it tastes!


La Diperie

Where: 429 Richmond Rd., Ottawa, ON

At this ice cream spot, there are so many delicious options to pick from that you will have a hard time figuring what to try first. While La Diperie specializes in soft-serve dipped in one of the 30 chocolate flavours and covered with your choice of candy topping, they also offer ice cream sandwiches, cookie dough with soft-serve, and vegan options.


Chocolats Favoris

Where: 449 Hazeldean Rd., Kanata, ON

You won't believe how big the ice cream cones are at Chocolats Favoris! Here you can enjoy delicious soft-serve dipped in your choice of chocolate. They offer ice cream sundaes and sandwiches too!