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You Can Cuddle With Alpacas At This Adorable Farm In Ottawa

They are super cute and fluffy!

Are you looking for something unique to do? If so you need to visit this adorable alpaca farm in Ottawa.

It is hard not to love alpacas; they are super cute and fluffy! The species is from South America and is essentially a mini llama. Animal-lovers will be thrilled to visit Wilhaven Ridge Alpacas in Ottawa where you can visit plenty of adorable alpacas.

The family-run alpaca ranch started in 2010 and has a small herd of alpacas. Throughout the year Wilhaven Ridge Alpacas has several events on the farm, which the public is invited to attend. For example, there is a shearing event in May, where you can see the fluffy alpacas get a hair cut.

At the alpaca ranch, you can enjoy tons of fantastic photo opportunities. Such as taking a selfie with an alpaca. The friendly owners of Wilhaven Ridge Alpacas welcome the public to their farm to visit their alpacas, but they ask that you contact them ahead of time to schedule your visit.

While on site you can also browse the diverse range of hand-made alpaca-yarn based products, such as yarn, scarves, socks and gloves. If you have your heart set on owning an alpaca, you can even purchase an alpaca if you have enough space to care for one.

Wilhaven Ridge Alpacas is located in the east end of Ottawa in Cumberland at 1620 Wilhaven Drive. For more information about Wilhaven Ridge Alpacas, or to contact them to let them know when you plan on visiting, visit their website.

Disclaimer: Cover photos used for illustrative purposes only.