When you think of fall, what comes to mind? Colourful leaves dancing from grand trees, cozying up in a pumpkin patch and embarking on a gourmet getaway to savour comforting autumn flavours, to name a few.

We're all looking for the next best thing, especially when it comes to eating out. We seek a restaurant that takes our senses on a foodie adventure unlike any other. And what's better than indulging in French cuisine that's delectible AF? Well, not having to board a plane to enjoy it. Obvs.  

Via L'Oree du Bois Restaurant

Located about 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa, l'Orée du Bois has been serving French and regional cuisine that's legit to die for in Chelsea for 40 years.

Using French techniques and only the finest, freshest local ingredients, its talented chefs LITERALLY make everything from scratch, right down to growing their own herbs and flavouring their oils. It's the ultimate delight for ALL your senses!

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L'Orée du Bois isn't messing around when it promises an amazing, authentic culinary experience unlike anything you've ever seen (and tasted) before. This restaurant even has its own actual smokehouse to make its food even more mouthwatering.

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Because l'Orée du Bois strives to accommodate every kinda foodie, it offers delicious vegetarian and vegan alternatives, too. Best of all? Since these phenomenal meals aren't overpriced, this luxurious dining won't cost you your whole rent budget, either! 

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Plus, BTW? They serve up one seriously legit brunch, too! Thanks to their quality and creative dishes, like braised veal cheek stew and squash and mushroom gratin, this will totally become your new favourite brunch spot. (And, PS, their Sunday Brunch menu goes for only $35. #BrunchLife, here we come.)

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Not only is l'Orée du Bois's food TO DIE FOR, but it's also highkey Instagrammable. Beautiful and tasty food, plus a quintessentially romantic, nature-filled backdrop, means that the Insta pics you'll snap in this magical setting will be UNREAL!

Nestled in the woods of Gatineau Park, this old farmhouse is surrounded by lush greenery and magnificent trees, giving hardcore "enchanted forest" vibes. L'Orée du Bois's rustic country landscape is the BEST spot to capture the wonder of fall (and, let's be real, of EVERY season!).

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With the upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas...!), l'Orée du Bois is the PERFECT place (in terms of aesthetics, food and ambiance) to celebrate all the fun festivities with its highkey gorgeous surroundings, glorious meals and welcoming staff. 

Wanna turn this memorable culinary experience into a true getaway? Make a weekend out of it by booking a stay at the majestic Nordik Spa-Nature nearby.

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With its gorgeous scenery, sophisticated food, and exceptional imported wines, l'Orée du Bois is a MUST for any date night or special celebration!

So, the next time you're looking to truly immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience in a picturesque setting that'll leave an indelible mark on you, Gatineau's own l'Orée du Bois fits the bill to a tee.

Via L'Orée du Bois Restaurant

To make your next special occasion DELICIOUSLY unforgettable, click here or call (819) 827-0332 to reserve!

Visit l'Orée du Bois's website to see the menu, and stay up to date by checking out its Facebook and Instagram.