You Can Get Delightful Cups Of Cheese-Infused Tea In Ottawa & It Tastes Like Cheesecake

The drink is a delicious blend of sweet and salty flavours! 🍵🧀
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Ottawa's Cheese Tea Shop Will Delight You With Cup After Cup

Have you tried cheese tea yet? If you haven't, you're seriously missing out! While the combination of cheese and tea might sound revolting to some, it's a delicious drink that is popular in Asia. Here in Ottawa, cheese-infused tea has arrived, and it's a must-try drink for anyone who loves bubble tea!

Sip Tea is Ottawa's first tea shop to offer cheese-infused tea in the area. The store opened in February 2019 and is a hidden gem on Merivale Road. The shop's focus is on providing healthy, flavourful, and fresh tea to the Ottawa community.

At Sip Tea's Ottawa store, the cheese mousse is made in-store every day. They currently offer only one flavour of cheese mousse, but you can create a custom drink. In an email to Narcity, Sip Tea said, "It can go with different fresh teas, milk tea, or fresh fruit smoothies to create many combinations."

This classic cheese tea uses the highest quality tea from Taiwan and is topped with a layer of creamy cheese and milk foam. The beverage is a delightful blend of sweet and salty flavours, which tastes similar to a light and airy cheesecake.

The three main tea types they sell are fresh fruit tea, milk tea, and cheese tea. For example, in addition to the must-try cheese tea, you can also enjoy a wide variety of refreshing in-season organic fruit teas. The drinks at Sip Tea in Ottawa range in price from $5.50 to $7.70, and after you order 10 drinks you'll get your 11th drink free!

The interior of Sip Tea is beautiful, with a minimal and modern design. On the walls, the name of the shop is spelled out with cups for an Instagrammable backdrop, and you'll find a neon sign too. There are also several sleek metal tables that are perfect to sit at while enjoying a cup of tea with a friend.

What are you waiting for? There's no need to fly to Vancouver anymore to try cheese tea. We can enjoy this trendy beverage right in the city!

Sip Tea

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Tea

Address: 1541 Merivale Rd., Ottawa

Why You Need To Go: To enjoy a cup of cheese-infused tea!

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