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There's Winds Of Up To 75km/h In Ottawa & It's Causing Total Chaos (PHOTOS)

"Lowkey scared that there's gonna be a tornado in Ottawa!"
There's Winds Of Up To 75km/h In Ottawa & It's Causing Total Chaos (PHOTOS)

After an evening of heavy rain for trick-or-treaters in Ottawa on Thursday night, the weather only seems to be getting worse in the capital city. Overnight, Ottawans experienced gusty winds of up to 75 km/h, and in some areas, it’s showing no signs of slowing down. As of Friday morning, Ottawa’s crazy Halloween wind is causing havoc in the country’s capital, and these photos prove just how bad it has become!

If Ottawans were hoping for a warm evening of trick-or-treating and a gentle start to November, the weather has certainly let everyone down. As thousands of brave weather-warriors headed out on Thursday night, the capital was doused in more than 35 millimetres of heavy rain.

After fully-soaking the trick-or-treaters of Ottawa, the weather took a turn for the worse late into the night, as sustained winds of 40 km/h battered the city. Into Friday morning, some gusts even exceeded the 75 km/h mark, leaving behind downed trees, smashed basketball hoops and multiple power outages across the city.

As the crazy weather continues in Ottawa, locals have been taking to social media to share their opinions and experiences of the end-of-October madness. From GIFS, to memes, to shocking photographs, this is what Ottawans have to say about Thursday and Friday’s wild and wintery weather … 

Several Ottawa locals also took to social media to share pictures and videos of the crazy damage that the wind had done in their area.

One Canadian shared a picture of their smashed-up basketball hoop, writing, “strong-winds last night in Ottawa = sadness for our backboard!”

The Ottawa Paramedic Service Twitter page shared a picture of a tree that had fallen and smashed through somebody’s car windscreen. They explained, “It is a windy morning! Luckily, the driver of this car escaped this collision on Old Montreal Rd with only minor injuries. Taken to hospital by paramedics.”

Using GIFs and memes to explain their reactions to the weather, many Ottawans took to Twitter to share their experiences.

One Twitter user joked, “Well I made it to work. And I'm pretty sure I have permanent imprints of maple leaves on my face from getting wind-slapped. How Canadian."

Another shared an GIF clip of a child being blown-away by the wind, adding, “How about that Ottawa wind?!"

If Ottawans were hoping for a break once the wind eases-off, there’s still bad news ahead. After heavy rain and wild wind, the extreme winter cold will soon be setting in.

By late Friday morning, temperatures are expected to fall to 2 degrees celsius, and the low on Friday night is expected to reach -5 degrees celsius.

Looks like winter is officially coming, Ottawa!

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