If you’ve been looking for an unusual and magical way to rejuvenate your workout, look no further. This unique Ottawa mermaid swimming class will allow you to embrace your inner fish, and you’ll actually be transformed into a mermaid or merman. With a special new tail and a photographer on-hand, you’ll be living out your wildest mystical fantasies in no time!

Canada’s capital city is full of quirky and unique activities. From alpaca walking to cold war bunkers, there’s never a shortage of interesting things to do. 

For those among us who prefer to have their fun under water, Ottawa’s mermaid school is the perfect place to unleash your sub-aquatic dreams.

The experience is available via Airbnb, and the host describes it as, “a fun and dynamic 60-minute aquafitness class in a mermaid's tail.”

The lesson is taught by a group of “trained mermaid swimming instructors,” who have educated thousands of merpeople across North America.

As well as lessons, the mermaid school hosts birthday parties and bachelorette parties, so this could be a brilliant surprise for your BFF if you've got a special event coming up.

The company promises that you’ll have an “unforgettable experience,” as they set up games, team challenges, and memorable photos sessions.

The class includes the hire of a brightly-coloured fishy tail, as well as a mini-photoshoot at the end.

The instructors will teach you all of the basics about becoming a mermaid, including some trick movements and special techniques for those who really want to channel The Little Mermaid.

The experience is pretty epic, according to the company’s reviews on Airbnb.

One person wrote, “Every girl has always dreamed of being a mermaid at some point and I finally got the chance! It was such good fun and more of a workout than you would think! The teacher was friendly, upbeat, enthusiastic and really believed in our mermaid capabilities. LOL.”

Another added, “The mermaid swim was a highlight of my Ottawa experience.”

Become A Real-Life Mermaid

Price: From $40 per person

Address: YMCA Taggart, 180 Argyle Ave, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Channel your inner Ariel by trying on a tail and learning to swim!