Cafes are one of the best places to go to with your friends. Whether it's somewhere you consistently go to, or somewhere new, there is no doubt that you will enjoy sipping on your coffee while talking together. Ottawa is not shy of its cafes, there has been a serious rise in new cafes popping up across the city, just in time for some summer explorations! From super Insta-worthy cafes to cafes with hanging chairs to cafes with unbelievable views, the cafe game is pretty strong. 

If you watch Friends, then this spot will make all of your Central Perk dreams come true. Central Perk was the hangout spot for everyone in the show. It was located in New York City's Greenwich Village close to Monica's place. The famous Orange Couch is a key part of the shows intro and it is where most characters sit while at the cafe. This new spot in Ottawa has a couch pretty similar to the one in the show, so you should definitely head here to make all your Friends dreams come true. 

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Happy Goat Coffee has multiple locations in Ottawa, but this February they opened up a brand new spot on Elgin Street. The new cafe has an extremely cozy atmosphere making it a perfect place to just chill out with your friends. Just like the Central Perk cafe in Friends, Happy Goat Coffee has exposed brick walls and a large comfy couch. 

The coffee at Happy Goat Coffee is produced by small scale farmers from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The farmers produce niche coffees which are extraordinary in quality and have unique characteristics that connects to their local ecology. Rather than mass produced coffees that come at a low cost, Happy Goat focuses on quality coffee. If you love coffee that is fresh and tasty, then you have to try the coffee from Happy Goat. 

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Happy Goat Coffee will quickly become your new hangout spot. The cozy and chill vibe makes you feel extremely comfortable and welcomed. Happy Goat Coffee's main goal is to serve up the highest quality artisan, directly traded coffee from around the world. Each cup is custom roasted to suit what you want to drink. They believe in creating and selling the highest quality of products to all visitors. 

The cafe also serves up a range of baked goods. From time to time they also carry Maverick's Donuts in their cafe, so you are in for a real treat. Some of the incredible treats served at Happy Goat include:

  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Gluten Free Lemon Squares
  • Brownies
  • Maverick's Donuts: Cinnamon Sugar, Maple Bacon, Chocolate Coconut Vegan Matcha Lemon 

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This Central Perk-Style Happy Goat Coffee shop is located at 326 Elgin Street. If you dream of living in an episode of Friends then this place is bound to make your dreams on true. Happy Goat is open at 7 am to 9 pm from Thursday to Saturday and closes at 8 pm from Sunday to Wednesday. For more information about this chill cafe, be sure to visit their website here and follow them on Instagram here

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